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Monday, 26 August 2019 09:48

Selayar Island, South Sulawesi

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South Sulawesi province has not only abundant sea products but also natural enchantment which can be visited when you are in in the province, namely Selayar Island. The small island is located in Selayar regency, South Sulawesi province. The capital city of Selayar regency is Benteng. The trip to the island takes around 10 hours by motor vehicles from Makassar City. Selayar Island has beaches with smooth white sand such as Pamatata, Tanaera, Lansangireng, Taloiya, Pabadilang, Rampang-Rampangan, and Labuang Nipaiya beaches. In addition to its beautiful beaches, Selayar Island also presents beautiful under-sea panorama at Takabonerate National Park. Here, the tourists can witness wide atoll with the size of 220,000 hectares  and the biggest atoll in Southeast Asia and the third biggest in the world. On Selayar Island, you can also see unique hamlet of Toa Bitombang which is the oldest one on the island. The uniqueness of the hamlet is that the existing houses have bamboo roofs with high wooden supports, and poles. The houses use Bitti or Holasa wood which has good quality. Thus, the houses are still strong although they have been hundred years old. Another uniqueness of the hamlet is that most populations of the hamlet are above 90 years old but they can still do productive activities such as raising livestock and gardening. The beauty of beaches, sea, building, culture, people’s activities and the uniqueness of its nature and people are enchanting magnet of Selayar Island which is interesting to be enjoyed and seen.  

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