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Siguntang Hill, South Sumatera

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Siguntang hill in Palembang is not probably as popular as Ampera Bridge which splits Musi River. The hill is a sacred place which has story of Sriwijaya kingdom. Siguntang hill is located at Bukit Lama village in West Ilir district, Palembang, South Sumatera. In the past, Siguntang hill was believed as a place for praying of royal family as well as meditation place to calm the mind. Until now, the hill, whose height is 29-30 meters above sea level, is still considered sacred by the local people. Usually, visitors who come to Palembang will do pilgrimage to Palembang noble’s tombs and considered as founder of Palembang City. The hill is the highest point in Pelembang so that it is believed to be the safest place if there is flood. On the peak of the hill, there are some tombs which are related to the figures of kings, nobles and heroes of Malay-Sriwijaya. It is quite easy to access tourism object of Siguntang hill, because it is located in the downtown of Palembang. The trip to the destination can be accessed from the downtown by using land transportation to Ampera-Bukit Besar. The land transportation will carry you directly to Siguntang hill. Entering to the hill area, the visitor will be charged the entrance ticket Rp 3,000 for adult and Rp 2000 for kids. Because its location is close to the downtown. So, it is not difficult to find restaurants. You can also find hotels in accordance with your need and budget.

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