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Monday, 02 December 2019 00:00

Diplomatic Corner

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Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul, Turkey in cooperating with various Indonesia’s Diaspora communities in Turkey conducted Indonesian Street Food Festival in Istanbul on Thursday (28/11). The event was a culinary festival with special theme “Jajanan Pasar Indonesia” in Istanbul. Consul of Information and Social Culture of Indonesian Consulate General in Istanbul, Jepri Edi said that in addition to introducing the taste of archipelagic snacks to Turkey’s people, the event encourages Indonesian Diaspora culinary entrepreneurship. The event was also meant to introduce various Indonesian arts and cultures, beginning from contemporary music, Pencak Silat and traditional dances. More than 700 visitors of Turkey’s people and Indonesian diaspora visited the festival. In addition to culinary, the event also presented booth which sold various handicrafts and Balinese traditional massage.

Indonesia which was represented by Jesica Fitriani (24), Puteri Indonesia Pariwisata 2019, participated in Miss Supranational 2019 which was held at Katowice City, Poland. The announcement of the winner will be conducted on December 6. Jesica is the third winner of National Costume 2019 with concept of "The Precious, Boru ni Raja" defeated her competitors from 77 countries. The clothes which were designed by Intan Ayunda Vira from Jember Fashion Carnaval, presented symbol and concept of Batak woman personality which sticks on life values. The first winner for national costume category was won by participant from Mexico.  

Indonesian people in Gothenburg, Sweden conducted an event to welcome Christmas and end of the year which is known as Julfest or Christmas celebration. This event was held by  Indonesia Föreningen-Gothenburg, on Saturday (30/11). According to press release of Indonesian Embassy in Stockholm, Julfest was attended by around 100 people who consisted of Indonesians and Sweden people. The event was enlivened by candles along with Santa Lucia, and performance of music and Sweden or Indonesian dances. On a separated occasion, the Julfest in the end of 2019 was conducted by Indonesia Kulturföreningen-Gothenburg, led by Wawa Forssen, which attended by dozens of Indonesians and Sweden people. The event was enlivened by performance of music and dances from students in Gothenburg.

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