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Indonesia and the U.S. Celebrate the U.S. 10th Peace Corps Program

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Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry held a reception agenda to celebrate the U.S.  10th Peace Corps program in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/12). It was attended by Director of Peace Corps Program,  Jody Olsen. On the sidelines of the agenda, Jody Olsen to Voice of Indonesia hopes that besides education sector, she understands the other fields to cooperate with Indonesia, which has been done for 10 years.


“It's very important to continue the really strong English program and then second as we work with the working groups that have worked so hard we will discuss what other possibilities might be. Right now we are not sure but it might be agriculture, might be an economic development but what I'm excited about as Peace Corp expand here and the working group has expand we get to work with hand in glove and looking at what is the best way to go and so we should know very soon. The important message that I take back is that one of friendship, that one of being an extended family and message that the government is so strong in supporting the Peace Corps and so part of our messages we want to be so strong in support of the programs in Indonesia. And that we want to take back the gift of friendship understanding that you are here that I want more Americans to feel.” Jody said. 


Meanwhile, Director of America I of Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Zelda W. Kartika mentioned that the ministry will explore well the expansion of   Peace Corps program in a bid to improve human resources not only through English lesson, but also other fields in Indonesia. (NK-TRANS:AF)


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