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Thursday, 12 December 2019 00:00

Bagimu Negeri Application

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Ministry of Communication and Informatics invites digital star-up company in the field of Svara media that launched ‘Bagimu Negeri application’ to shift the existence of applications belonging to foreign country such as Spotify, Youtube and Facebook in Indonesia. According to CEO of Svara, Farid Fadhil Habibi, the application belongs to Indonesia, which later aggregates all positive contents in order to be able to compete globally. The application contains not only positive news but also educative entertainment. In the application, there is also live-chatting which can be conducted by users in making content. The contents are varied such as video, text and audio. For the audio content, there are music, podcast and streaming.

Ministry of Communication and Informatics has invited TVRI and RRI, and also the Ministry’s offices throughout Indonesia to fulfill contents in the application. In addition, the government has also cooperated with National Private Broadcasting Association of Indonesia to collaborate with 585 private radios which join in the Association. About music, Svara has cooperated with National Collective Management Agency to manage royalty, so that music which is played either local or international is not constrained legally. Like in general, music and video streaming application consist of 2 schemes of payment, namely free of charge and paying. Users of the application, who are free of charge, will hear advertisement. The advertisement is such as Public Service Announcement or government program advertisement. Today, the application is still free of charge but its music is playlist form, where its songs which are played, have had license. Playlist from radios in the some regions are regional songs and the music will become different between Bagimu Negeri application and other streaming applications.


Bagimu Negeri application has main 3 features: "Home," "Social," and "Library." "Home" becomes home for content providers; one of them is Cosmo radio. Besides live streaming, users can conduct live chatting with presenter. In addition, the application can also broadcast radio visually, as if radio has its own TV-line. In addition, users can also watch musical video of the song which is being played. The video feature is similar with YouTube application which is also able to make the users to switch from song to video by once wipe. Provider of the content can also provide various services, beginning from playlist, until podcast. Bagimu Negeri application can also detect location, so that the users can easily find local radio wherever they are. While,  "Library" feature stores favorite content of the users, namely "Social" feature which is made like social media where the users can share or upload positive content which is made by them. With social feature, hopefully people no longer open Facebook. On social feature, video, photograph, and text can be shared to WhatsApp, such as playlist, But, the users must befriend with each other. Like social media, the users can comment the content and also give "like," and share the content to other users with "+" button. To use Bagimu Negeri application, the users must download at Google Play Store.

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