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Wednesday, 14 February 2018 00:00

Matayangu Waterfall

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East Nusa Tenggara province -NTT is well known with tourism destinations. Besides Komodo Island, the beauty of beaches and exotic under-sea view becomes tourists’ destinations. But there are a lot of tourism destinations which are still natural and hidden. One of them is Matayangu waterfall. Matayangu waterfall consists of two waterfalls. The first waterfall has height around 75 meters and its water is from river in the cave. The second one will appear when rainy season comes. Its water is from river that is above as high as 130 meters. Just below the waterfall, there is small pool with amazing blue water which is used as bathing place. The best time to visit the waterfall is at the time of rainy season or in March until June, and October until December. Matayangu waterfall is located at Manupe national park. The waterfall itself for local people is sacred place. The place is often used for worship by Merapu people. They believe that the waterfall is place where their ancestors live. In addition, they also believe that in the cave which becomes water sources, there is ancient tomb which stores historical stuffs. Matayangu waterfall is located at  Waimanu village, Katikutana sub-district, Central Sumba regency. To go to this place, from Kupang, you take around 1 hour by using airplane to Waingapu. Then, the trip is continued by using motor vehicles around 2 hours to Waikabubak. Arriving at Waikabubak, the trip is continued to Manupe national park and takes around 3 hours. Here, you must walk through forest around 1 hour. But your fatigue will disappear after you see the beauty of Matayangu waterfall.

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