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Friday, 07 February 2020 12:57

Airlangga University and Kobe University invent a corona virus detection tool

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Airlangga University Surabaya and Kobe University, Japan, invent a detection tool of a corona virus novel reagent (2019-nCov). Rector of Airlangga University, Prof. Mohammad Nasih said that the detection tool is able to identify patients suspected of contracting the virus from Wuhan City, China. The problem of the availability of the detection devices in Indonesia has become a public concern.

Besides Airlangga University, Prof. Mohammad Nasih further said that the reagent is also owned by the Center for Research and Development of Biomedical and Basic Technology in Health, Balitbangkes. The public can use the tool to confirm the presence or absence of the virus. The identification is not long; it only takes few hours, but the mechanism is in accordance with the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO). With specific identification, Prof. Nasih hopes that in the future it can produce research on the handling and prevention of this virus.

The accuracy of this tool reaches 99 percent. Prof. Nasih acknowledged that Airlangga University's ability to invent this reagent could not be separated from Kobe University's access and relations in Germany in accessing corona virus data and gene from virus banks. So, if there is an examination of phlegm, indeed the results are the same as positive parameters, special handling will be done.

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