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Friday, 15 May 2020 08:24

Pressing the Case of Medical Personnel Exposed to COVID-19, ITB Develops PPE Disinfection Unit

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The Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) team developed a device for disinfection of reusable Personal Protective Equipment -PPE and disposable PPE. This is motivated by a variety of cases of medical personnel infected with COVID-19 while on duty, even though they have been equipped with appropriate PPE and good usage procedures. The team analyzed that the possibility of exposure occurred because of PPE management, both when interacting with patients and when changing PPE.

The team created a device that uses ozone gas as a disinfectant. Chief researcher Sri Harjati Suhardi, PhD said, there are two types of tools that are used according to their uses. The first one is a disinfectant device that uses ozone mist to sterilize reusable PPE after use, such as hazard clothes, face shields, and safety glasses. Whereas, the second tool uses ozone gas for disposable PPE, for example masks and gloves, before disposal. Both become effective tools because they can kill the virus within seven or ten seconds according to studies in disinfection of microorganisms.

In its use, PPE is only stored in tightly closed containers and there is very little contact with medical personnel when doing the sterilization process. The consideration for the selection of ozone because it is safe for humans does not leave residues, and will be transformed back into oxygen. Now the tool is already in the prototype stage and ready to be launched for mass production. It is hoped that this PPE cleaning and sterilization container device will become an alternative solution to solve the problem of protecting medical personnel and hospital management.

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