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Umbul Cokro, Central Java

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Umbul Cokro, Central Java

Umbul Cokro is a bathing place whose spring comes from Busur River. The water in the Umbul Cokro bathing place is clear and transparent.

This tourism object has fresh air, because it is surrounded by shady trees. The bathing place is located at Cokro village, Tulung district, Klaten regency, Central Java province. Its location is not far from Klaten City. The location of this tourism destination is around 15 kilometers in the West of Solo City and can be accessed by land transportation.

To enter the Umbul Cokro bathing place, visitors must pay a ticket worth Rp10, 000 per person. Interestingly, before arriving at the bathing place, visitors must pass through a long hanging bridge.  

In an area of 15,000 meters, there are many basins. Visitors can swim or play in the water to enjoy the freshness of the Umbul Cokro’s water. Various supporting facilities are available here, such as a rest room which is provided at every corner of the tourism location. There are also many food and drink stalls at the location.

Nowadays, besides the bathing place, Umbul Cokro is also completed with playing ground facilities, such as water sliding, flying fox, water park, fountain, and playing pool. Umbul Cokro also provides a gazebo for taking a rest or relaxing.

If visitors want to feel the freshness of Umbul Cokro’s water comfortably, please avoid it in the holidays or ahead of the fasting month, because ahead of the fasting month or Ramadan, the local people have a tradition, namely Padusan.

Padusan is to take a bath with intention to clean or to purify themselves before Ramadan. People will flock to spring and take a bath. They purify themselves by washing their hair.

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