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Daun Hill

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Curup is a city in a mountainous area of Bukit Barisan and surrounded by Kaba and Daun hill. Its indigenous people are Rejang tribes, but there are also many people from other tribes such as Java, Lembak, Minang, Serawai and Sunda. The city became the capital city of South Sumatra province in the era of Governor A.K. Gani’s government. Visiting Curup city is not enough, if you do not watch the beauty of the city from the peak of Daun hill. Daun hill is one of protected forests in Indonesia, which supply oxygen. The forest is easy to be accessed, because it is the highway of Sumatra and located along a nine-winding road that extends between Kepahiang and Central Bengkulu regency of Bengkulu province.

To enter Daun Hill forest, your eyes will be spoiled by beautiful natural panoramas. The atmosphere here is still fresh; you can breathe air without pollution. Even, you will hear chirps of birds or monkeys which jump from one twig to another while shouting at each other. The protected forest also supports the people’s life in the surrounding area. The forest is rich with products such as wood, rattan, resin, honey or fruits such as petai and durian. In addition, the forest also has fresh air and supply water. At its primary forest as natural exotica, the typical tropical rain forest’s nature is still thick. The trees that grow look quite dense, even the sun is not fully able to penetrate the soil surface. Special endemic of the forest is Rafflesia, the biggest flower in the world.

On Daun hill, there is a big crater 1,700 meters high from the sea surface which presents interesting scenery. There are directly two routes, namely pathway for trekking and asphalt road which can be passed by motorcycles.  If we enter the peak area, cluster of hills with sunlight piercing through the mountains in orange are seen beautifully. This will amaze everybody who watches it. At night, the sparkling lights of Curup City from the top of the mountain add to the beauty of this place. The night will feel very short if you are there with unforgettable panoramas.

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