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Sendari Tourism Village in Yogyakarta

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Sendari Village is a bamboo craft based tourism village. The bamboo handicrafts from this tourism village have been exported to foreign countries such as Italy, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands. The bamboo industry center at Sendari village is located at Sendon, Tirtoadi, Mlati sub-district, Sleman Regency. It takes approximately 45 minutes by motor vehicles to get to Sendari village from downtown of Yogyakarta. The expertise in making handicrafts from bamboo is continuously done by the local community from generation to generation. The majority of villagers at Sendari worked as bamboo craftsmen.

Raw materials for making bamboo handicrafts are purchased from Kulon Progo. The bamboo handicrafts center at Sendari village has been supported by the local government. There are many seminars and briefings purposed to craftsmen, so that the bamboo crafts center can grow continuously. In the Sendari tourism village, you can find various forms of bamboo handicrafts such as household equipments, tables, chairs and room dividers. There are also various home accessories such as lamp decoration, calligraphy and many others. The price is also varies based on the quality and complexity of the manufacturing.

Besides buying various bamboo handicrafts, you can also see the bamboo processing from beginning to the end. Starting from washing bamboo, then dried for durability. The drying process is still carried out traditionally by utilizing sunlight.

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