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India-China Borders Dispute

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Good news comes from the borders of India and China, when the world is still struggling to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. India, which is working hard to overcome the Corona virus in  the country, is getting a breath of fresh air in its recently strained relations with China. After a bloody conflict which did not involve any exchange of gunfire between the two sides last June, a peace agreement was finally reached.

The Chinese began to withdraw their troops from the border with India. This was marked by the dismantling of military camps and several facilities in the Galwan valley. The place is often the location of military clashes between the two countries, as happened on 15 June.

The Chinese Indian feud began 50 years ago due to border disputes in the Himalayan highlands. Peace measures took place in a meeting between Indian Security Adviser Ajit Goval and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi. The talks, which took place on Sunday, July 5, resulted in an agreement regarding the withdrawal of military forces from the disputed border zone.

From the Chinese side, information was obtained that effective steps would be taken to ease tensions at the border. The two sides also agreed to continue the dialogue to follow up on the peace talks. Both China and India said they agreed to withdraw the troops significantly.

Trying to find a solution through negotiations to reach an agreement is a very good way. There is no solution that can be achieved when differences of opinion and principles are pursued through violence or war. For India and China the resolution of border disputes, which has lasted half a century, through negotiations, is the best way. Moreover, without having to include foreign parties to interfere. Of course further steps are still needed to achieve a permanent settlement of the conflict between the two neighbors, India and China.

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