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Aek Manik Bathing Place

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Aek Manik bathing place has so clear and bluish water. Its water is natural and it is between small hills and lush trees. So during the daytime, the air around the pool is not so hot. 

This bathing place is actually a river, but uniquely, the water in this pond does not seem to flow. At the bottom of this pool, there is a stretch of white sand such as soft beach sand and various sizes of mountain rocks. In addition, there are some relief carvings that decorate the walls of the pond and mountain shower which is very fresh.

With its blue and fresh water, of course, the Aek Manik bathing place is a favorite activity for tourists to swim. In addition, many people also camp in this tourism area. 

At the end of the bathing place, there is indeed a camping area and a place to eat grilled fish that can be obtained by fishing at the edge of the river.

This natural Aek Manik bathing place is located in the PTPN Tea Plantation (PT Perkebunan Negara) Sidamanik in Sidamanik District, Pematang Siantar City, North Sumatra. You can go to this tourism destination around 4 hours by motor vehicles from Medan City, the capital of North Sumatra, through Pematangsiantar with a distance of 150 kilometers.

The distance from the gate of the PTPN complex to the bathing place is only 5 kilometers. Entering  into Aek Manik bathing place is free of charge

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