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Please repeat again (Tolong Ulangi Lagi)

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Voice of Indonesia presents “Let’s Speak Bahasa Indonesia,” a lesson in the Indonesian language on the radio. We introduce some Indonesian vocabulary and tips on how to use it in a conversation. This segment is a joint initiative of Voice of Indonesia and the Language and Book Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture.  Today’s topic is (Tolong Ulangi Lagi) in English ‘please repeat again

Readto this conversation about Tolong Ulangi Lagi in English ‘please repeat again’. Kevin does not understand yet about an explanation of a subject. He asks the lecturer about it.


Tolong ulangi lagi pengertian diftong , Pak.


Iya, baik. Diftong adalah.................................

Now, I am going to introduce some vocabularies and expressions related to the topic today.

Tolong ulangi lagi.........

(2X) which means

Please repeat again

Iya, baik.



Diftong adalah........


Diphthong is

If you want someone to repeat their words/ explanation, because you don’t understand yet, you can use expression Tolong ulangi lagi...... which means ‘Please repeat again’ or Bisa tolong jelaskan lagi ? which means ‘Could you explain again/once more’.  For example if you don’t understand about diphthong that has been explained by lecturer, you can say Tolong ulangi lagi pengertian diftong, Pak in English ‘Sir, Please repeat what diphthong means’. 

That was “Let’s Speak Bhs Indonesia”, a lesson in Bahasa Indonesia or the Indonesian language on the radio. Hopefully, this edition will be useful for those who want to know more about Bahasa Indonesia.  

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