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Maria Annai Velangkanni Church in North Sumatera

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Indonesia has not only amazing natural tourism object, but also some religious destinations which are quite popular. One of them is Maria Annai Velangkanni church in North Sumatra province. The church is located on Jalan Sakura, Tanjung Selamat in Medan. It is quite unique because it looks like a temple in India.

At glance, Maria Annai Velangkanni church looks like a temple in India because the founder of the church, Pastor James Bharataputra S.J. was inspired with the temple in India. The church started being built in 2001 and finished in 2005. The name of Annai Velangkani is taken from Indian language. Annai means mother and Velangkanni means where the virgin Mary appeared. The appearance of the virgin Mary becomes the background why the Catholic church with Mogul architecture was built. Mogul architecture is the characteristic of temple in India.

Previously, Maria Annai Velangkanni church was for Tamil Catholics in Medan. But in the development of the church, all Catholics can come and make pilgrimage without boundary of origin or race. Since, the church is actually presented for all Catholics and also a tourism object for tourists. Multicultural aspect of the church can be seen through the structure of its building which has various symbols. Take for example; the entrance gate is decorated with miniature of traditional houses of Batak Toba and Karo. At the right pole of the gate, there is a carving of an Indian woman who is dancing and on the left pole, there is a Chinese man who is giving a greeting. Then, along the wall of the gate, there is also a statue of Indonesian tribes.

Maria Annai Velangkani church consists of two levels. The ground floor becomes a hall. The first floor is a place of worship with a balcony whose 14 windows tell about the way of cross. On the second floor, there is an Annai Velangkanni statue with her son which is directly brought from India. Over there, there are also 20 windows which tell events in the life of Jesus, equipped with seven levels of towers with three domes that symbolize heaven. At the left side, there is Annai Velangkanni chapel for daily worship and in front, there is a mini park to commemorate the Pope Yohanes Paulus II. There is also a park for children and a Graha complex to accommodate visitors to stay for free.

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