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Madasari Beach

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Pangandaran is a regency in West Java province. It is directly border with Indian Ocean to the South, so that Pangandaran has beautiful beaches. One of them is Madasari beach, which is located at Masawah village, Cimerak subdistrict. The beach has a cluster of coral hills which is filled with trees and shrubs. Unfortunately you only can enjoy its beautiful panorama from the side of the beach or from the peak of coral hills. The sea surrounding the beach is dangerous because it has big waves, thereby there is a prohibition to swim in the sea.

If you are interested to see the beautiful views of Madasari beach when the waves hits the rocks, you can climb the coral hills near the beach. We suggest you to be careful and use comfortable shoes when climbing the hills. Uniquely the hills on Madasari Beach have the names respectively, such as Batu Gedogan, Batu Sebrotan, Batu Leuit, Legok Gandu, Cariuk, and Pandan Nyampai. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the beach from the shore, you have to be careful when the water is receding. You will find some species of sea animals like sea urchin. When stepped on, you will be pierced by the sea animal's spines. In addition, you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunset. If you also want to watch the sunrise, you have to camp in the grass area that has been provided to the visitors. Visiting this tourist object, you can also explore the natural surroundings.

To enter Madasari beach area, the ticket price is not based on the number of visitors but only the vehicles, so the price could be variable. From Parigi, the center of the capital city of Pangandaran, it is about 31 kilometers, takes about 1 hour by car. Along the trip to Madasari Beach you will pass some other tourist sites namely Batukaras Beach and Green Canyon. Because each location of the objects are closely, after traveling to Madasari beach, you have to continue your visit to Batukaras and Green Canyon beaches, so you can feel the sensation of journey to Pangandaran, West Java.

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