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Kethek Ogleng Dance

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Kethek Ogleng dance is one of  traditional dances from East Java. This dance comes from the Javanese language that means 'kethek' (monkey).  Meanwhile, the word -Ogleng is taken from the sound behind thdance. Based on the name, the dance movement follows the behavior of monkey.  At the show, the Kethek Ogleng dance is performed by 4 dancers, namely 3 female dancers and a male dancer who plays the role of a monkey man.

The performance of Kethek Ogleng dance begins with the entry of the three female dancers on the stage. 2 of the 3 women act as maidservants and the rest is a female dancer as the daughter of Dewi Sekartaji, the princess of the kingdom of Jenggala, Sidoarjo.  While the male dancer acts as Raden Panji Asmorobangun who comes from the Dhaha Kediri kingdom. This dance movement narrates about  the story of Raden Asmorobangun and Dewi Sekartaji, who fall in love with each other. They have a dream to build a harmonious family life.

Kethek Ogleng art is a folk art coming from Tokawi Village, Nawangan sub-district, Pacitan Regency in East Java.  The art of Kethek Ogleng was created by Mr. Sutiman at the end of 1962 and has been preserved by the people of East Java up to now. The Kethek Ogleng dance is usually performed during  celebration events, such as wedding, circumcision  and ritual event welcoming the birth of a baby.  Now, the dance is also performed to welcome important guests.  The Kethek Ogleng dance is accompanied by Javanese gamelan instruments, traditional percussion instruments and Sinden vocal.

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