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Wednesday, 28 February 2018 12:24

Bedengan Malang

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Malang never ends to offer its natural beauty. Some tourism destinations in Malang are pity to be missed, mainly hidden tourism object. There is hidden tourism object which is worthy to be visited and it has been talked about recently. The tourism object is called ‘Bedengan Malang’, a tourism object which has camping ground concept. If you are nature lover, Bedengan Malang is suitable place for you. As camping ground, the place has nuance which is still natural. There are a lot of shady and tall trees. The river, which flows at the area, is so clear and fresh. According to local people, its water is from Brues waterfall. The area, which is quite wide, makes tourists be able to set tent freely. Before to be tourism destination in Malang, Bedengan was an area used as tree plant nursery. Local people called it ‘Bedengan’. Thus, this tourism destination is named ‘Bedengan Malang’. Those plants are orange trees. So, at this tourism destination, tourists can directly pick up the orange fruits from the trees. There are 12 types of orange fruits which can be chosen. The orange fruits, which have been picked-up, can be enjoyed at the place or also to be taken home. Although Bedengan Malang tourism destination is still natural, the facilities such as parking area, mosque, and rest room have been provided.  Although those facilities are still simple, it is enough to help visitors. Bedengan Malang is located at Selokerto hamlet, Selorejo village, Dau district in Malang regency. If you depart from Malang city, you can reach the distance around  25 kilometers. You have to pass Jalan Joyo Agung until Selokerto. Arriving at Bedengan Malang, you only pay Rp 5,000 per person. For parking fee, you will be charged Rp 2,500 for motorcycle and  car Rp 5,000 for car.

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