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Monday, 26 February 2018 11:26

Laut Tawar Lake

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Aceh province is located in the North of Sumatera Island as the westernmost region of Indonesia. The province has a lot of historical heritages, especially Islamic kingdom heritage, such as Baiturrahman Great Mosque which is a heritage of Aceh Sultanate. Besides, Aceh also has interesting natural tourism object namely Laut Tawar Lake. Laut Tawar Lake is located at Tinggi Gayo highland, Central Aceh regency, Aceh province. To go to this tourism destination, you can depart from Banda Aceh city by bus to Takengon. The distance is around 315 kilometers and takes 7 hours. Alternatively, tourists can visit the tourism object through Kuala Namu airport to Rambele airport for 60 minutes. This tourism object is free of charge for any tourists. The lake is named “Laut Tawar” because it is so wide like ocean with fresh water. Gayo people call the lake with the name ‘Laut Tawar’. For Gayo people, Laut Tawar Lake is very vital because besides as tourism object which is often visited by domestic and foreign tourists, the lake is also used as water source for Central Aceh regency and some regencies at surrounding areas. This tourism object has many flora and fauna; one of them which is the most known, is Depik fish which is endemic fish species in the lake. Depik fish has a small elongated type almost like anchovy. Usually, in middle of the year, around August until the end of the year, fishermen are busy to catch Depik fish at Laut Tawar Lake. Laut Tawar Lake is so beautiful because it is hit by two hills which present their own beauty. At this tourism object, tourists can also see people’s daily activities, such as farming and fishing. At the lake, visitors can also go around the lake by boat or bicycle. Visitors can also enjoy culinary tour at Takengon by tasting Depik fish, delicious and typical fish of Laut Tawar Lake. The tourism object has been completed with lodgings which can be rented by tourists.

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