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Monday, 31 August 2020 21:32

Rafting at Nimanga River

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Nimanga River as a tourism destination is located at Timbukar village, Sonder sub-district, in Minahasa regency. Its distance from Manado City, the capital of North Sulawesi is around 30 kilometers. You can use land transportation. Interestingly, you can enjoy not only rafting at Nimanga River but also the beauty of nature around the area.

To enjoy rafting at Nimanga River, you must go to Timbukar village passing through a hamlet with Minahasa traditional houses, stage houses, or houses with two floors of wood. Besides the hamlet, you will also be through Durian and clove plantation. Over there, there are some rafting operators. Nimanga River comes from many water springs so that the water flow never dries. During the rainy season, you have to be careful because the water debit will be more. The length of the rafting at Nimanga River reaches 12 kilometers, and it takes time within 2 and half hours.

Before rafting at Nimanga River, visitors are asked to wear life jackets and helmets. The characteristic of the rapids at the river is 3 and 4 levels. During the rainy season, it is around 5 and 6 levels. Although the difficulty level is quite high, the river is safe for rafting. While rafting, you will see shade trees in the forest area and also a plantation which covers Nimanga River. Around Nimanga area, there is flat land to set a tent and stay at night.

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