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Cendrawasih Dance

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The Cendrawasih dance is a dance from Bali. Created by Balinese artist, I Gde Manik, this dance was firstly performed in the 1920s in Buleleng Regency. Since then, the Cendrawasih dance has continued to develop with new creations. The latest creation of Cendrawasih dance is arranged by the choreographer N.L.N Swasthi Wijaya Bandem. In accordance with the name, the Cendrawasih dance was inspired by Cendrawasih bird which means Manuk Dewata in Balinese language. This dance tells a story about a pair of Cendrawasih birds. The bird species is indeed known as cheerful birds which like dancing and singing when they fall in love. But explicitly, this dance has a philosophical meaning about the beauty of the matchless island of Bali.

The Cendrawasih dance is usually performed by two or more female dancers in pairs. Some of the dancers acted as male and female birds. This dance is divided into 3 stages, namely the beginning called pepeson, the main part called pengawak and the last part called pengipuk. The initial part of this dance begins with the performance of a dancer who act as a male Cendrawasih bird. All Cendrawasih dancers wear kemben, cloth, crown with crest, and gold necklace. Like Balinese dances in general, Cendrawasih dance is accompanied by Balinese Gamelan.

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