Thursday, 17 September 2020 15:19

Ministry of Environment and Forestry Mentions, Communities has an Important Role in Watershed Rehabilitation

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Deputy Minister of Environment and Forestry-LHK Alue Dohong encouraged that community’s roles will be more optimized in forest management, particularly in rehabilitation of watersheds (DAS). Alue Dohong said this when delivering a keynote speech at the Watershed Rehabilitation Webinar on Monday (Sept14). According to him, society should not only be used as an object, but must become a crowdsourcing with other forces, both from the central and local government sectors, academicians, researchers, environmental activists, and the business world who are then encouraged by the media to form a great force. In this activity, Alue Dohong had an opportunity to talk through video conference facilities with the community who were carrying out tree planting activities in watershed rehabilitation. He also expressed appreciation and admiration for the concern and enthusiasm of the community in welcoming the forest restoration program through watershed rehabilitation activities

Alue Dohong reminded parties who have an obligation to carry out land rehabilitation, to give greater role and trust to the community in implementing watershed rehabilitation, starting from preparing seeds, preparing land, planting, maintaining, as well as protecting plants from pests and Fire. Furthermore, Alue revealed, it is time for every business actor, especially the holders of Borrow and Use Forest Area Permits (IPPKH) to have a broader insight and perspective on efforts to improve the environment.

According to him, entrepreneurs should not just look at the location of their business, but also have to participate in improving the watershed area around their company. Currently, it is necessary to shift the value. If previously entrepreneurs only pursue the profit, it is time they have a moral responsibility towards improving the environment and improving the welfare of the community around the company's operations.

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