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Rego dance

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Porelea is a remote village at Pipikoro, Sigi regency, Central Sulawesi. The old hamlet is located at the slope with an average slope of over 30 percent . The native population of the hamlet is Topo Uma. They plant coffee and cocoa trees. Although they are Christians, they still preserve their local wisdoms which still contain of mysticism. One of them is Rego dance.

Raego or Rego dancing in a circle formation while singing long lyrics in old Uma local language. Rego lyrics are diverse, in accordance with the event which is held. The lyrics are different, in accordance with the event. The Rego after the harvest, the lyrics are about the process of opening field, planting, and harvesting. If rego is danced as entertainment for a family in mourning, its lyrics contain of a human life cycle from birth to deathand also telling the goodness of the dead person while he/she was alive. Usually, the Rego is danced after religious ceremony.

The Rego is also danced when welcoming honor guests. The Lyrics are about happiness of the host over the guest’s attendance, and hope the meeting will bring benefit for both sides, and the guests come home safely. When welcoming the guest, Rego dance is usually performed at Loboor village’s hall. The Rego is danced by dozens of men and women. The men wear halili customs or traditional clothes of Kulawi tribeOn their waists are banded guma or parang and they use headband or siga.

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