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Hope for New Chief of BNN

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Hope for New Chief of BNN BNN


President Joko Widodo inaugurated Inspector General of Police, Heru Winarko as Chief of the National Narcotics Agency -BNN at the State Palace in Jakarta on Thursday (1/3/2018). Heru replaces Police Commissioner General Budi Waseso who is going to get retired. Seeing his track record, Heru Winarko, who was born in Jakarta on December 1st 1962, is  a prudent figure in his institution. He was graduated from Police Academy (Akpol) in 1985. His career man is quite brilliant in the police. Several positions which were held by Gen. Heru Winarko include Deputy of Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK and Expert Staff for Ideology and Constitution at the Coordinating Ministry for Political, Legal and Security Affairs -Menko Polhukam. But, there is also some doubt in some individuals about Gen. Heru Winarko's ability as the new chief of BNN. This may be because the previous positions are not directly related to drug problems. Is he able to  combat against drug trafficking in Indonesia and obtain achievement like Budi Waseso did or even, the achievement is better? President Joko Widodo once said that Gen. Heru was chosen for this position because of his background in KPK. He is believed to have high integrity for the post considering that the money circulating in this illegal business is very huge and tempting. The President also expects to have good standards brought from KPK to BNN so that BNN becomes a more professional institution than before. The research outcome conducted by BNN along with Depok Health Research Center at the University of Indonesia -UI shows that almost 6 million Indonesian citizens are trapped in various types of narcotics. The users can be found not only from the adult but also the school children from elementary level. If this is not dealt with immediately, Indonesia could lose a generation because of the influence of drugs. A lot of drug users, especially the addicted ones make drug dealers and drug agents increasingly supply the illegal drugs into Indonesia. The last case was that BNN successfully foiled the distribution of 1.6-ton methamphetamine –Shabu-shabu from a Taiwanese-flagged fishing boat in the waters of the Riau Islands. Last July 2017in a discussion, BNN's Deputy of Prevention, Inspector General Djohardi Wirogioto said that the use of narcotics in Indonesia is the largest in Asia. As long as Chief of BNN, Budi Waseso successfully revealed a lot of drug syndicates. During 2016 and 2017, BNN seized more than 100 tons of drugs with various types and handled 807 cases and arrested more than 1.200 suspects. BNN also managed to uncover 46 types of new narcotics. Even in 2016, BNN shot dead 79 drug dealers who resisted when arrested. In addition, cases of money laundering that came from drugs were also uncovered. The money amounted to almost Rp10 trillion. BNN has established a Task Force of anti-narcotics in all regions in Indonesia, consisting of students, students, private and government agencies, and the public. This achievement not only shows Budi Waseso’s achievement, but also shows that drugs have become the main enemy of the state, especially for younger generations. The data shows how terrible the onslaught of drug networks in Indonesia. Heavy duty awaits Inspector General of Police, Heru Winarko as  new Chief of National Narcotics Agency -BNN. Hopefully, he is able to continue the task to better fight against drugs. Indonesia must be free from drug trafficking. Mr. Heru Winarko, happy working!

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