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Wednesday, 07 March 2018 10:35

Will Peace Between Two Koreas Come Soon?

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Will Peace Between Two Koreas Come Soon?

Diplomatic relations between South Korea and its  neighbor North Korea is  entering  a new phase. Last Monday, South Korean government special envoy, visited Pyong Yang and was received directly by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The two Koreas' encounter, which has never happened for more than a decade, is said to bring fresh air to the growing relationship of both neighbors. The official North Korean news agency, KCNA, reported that President Kim Jong-Un received the South Korean delegation warmly at a special banquet. According to South Korean top officials there were at least three important things expressed in the meeting. The first is good news, North Korea is keen to resume bilateral talks with South Korea over the suspension of nuclear testing. Second, North Korea agreed to hold a meeting between the two Korean leaders in Pamunjom next month. Pamunjom is a city on the border of the two Koreas. The third, according to a South Korean government delegate, North Korean  President is also open to talks with the United States. The results of initial meetings between the North and South Korean governments, at least give hope  to the peace efforts of the two neighbors, who have been at war since the end of the second world war. The people who more or less come from  the same origins, but are separated and live in two hostile states, certainly hope that the agreement can materialize. And the relations between the two neighboring countries continue to improve. Previously, there was already a sign of softening the relationship between the two governments. That is,  when North Korea sent its athletes to join the recent winter Olympics in South Korea. However, the occurrence of a historic moment is yet to be awaited. Experience shows that North Korea has previously broken its promise. For example, it  broke a collective agreement on the suspension of a nuclear test in 2005. The reason for the breach of the agreement at that time was,  North Korea felt insecure after stopping nuclear tests which were intended to protect the country. Indonesia, as friend of the two Koreas certainly hopes that peace can soon be materialized in  the Peninsula.

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