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The Ministry of Communication and Informaticslaunches Digital Training Program forMicro, Small and Medium Enterprises

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The Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Informaticslaunched a digital training program for micro, small and medium enterprises -MSMEsto support their sustainability in helping Indonesia's economic growth amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Minister of Communication and Informatics, Jhony G. Plate in his remarks at the launch of a virtualdigital training program in Jakarta on Monday (Oct 5) said that this program is aimed at advancing, strengthening and empowering the MSMEs in Indonesia.

“...The wider expansion of the Digital MSME training program is a form of the government's commitment to advancing, strengthening and empowering the MSMEs and ultra-micro in our homeland.We need to note that the MSMEs and ultra-micro have a significant contribution to the Indonesian economy. The contribution of the MSMEs and ultra-micro to GDP is around 60 percent. With the Covid-19 pandemic, many businesspeople have been affected by social restrictions because they are still based on conventional or offline businesses. At the same time, digital economy activity has increased rapidly on which in April 2020, online sales increased 480 percent compared to January 2020.” Minister said. 

Furthermore, Minister Johny G Plate pointed out that currently, Indonesia is also providing internet infrastructure equipped with 4G signals at more than 150 thousand public service points in Indonesia via the Satria 1 multifunction satellite which is expected to be put into orbit in the third quarter of 2023. This is done by The Ministry of Communication and Informatics to support the increase of the digital-based MSMEs in Indonesia so that they can compete in the global value chain//NK/trans by PUTRI

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