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Monday, 12 October 2020 16:18

Limbong Sitodo River in West Sulawesi

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Limbong Sitodo River is a natural bathing location that uses the flow of river water as its source. The location is about eight kilometers from Polewali, the capital of Polewali Mandar, West Sulawesi. The water of Sitodo Limbong River is so clear and cool because it comes from the mountain springs. Along the flow of the river lie rocks and trees that add to the beauty of this tourism destination. Visitors can soak and see a beautiful natural landscape.

In the upstream, there is a waterfall called ‘Indo Rannuang’. Access to the waterfall is not easy. Visitors must climb as far as 4 kilometers to arrive at Indo Rannuang. However, along the way, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Polewali City and Mandar Bay from a distance.

Besides soaking in the fresh Limbong Sitodo River and having adventure to Indo Rannuang Waterfall, visitors can also visit the Mandar Traditional Village on a hill about 5 kilometers from the Limbong Sitodo River. In the village, they can witness how the indigenous peoples still keep preserving their culture, art, and traditions. 

The access to this village can be reached by car or motorcycle. However, it’s closer to the village, the road is narrower. So, it will be better to go to the village on foot. If the visitors arrive at the village, they will be greeted with the traditional houses of Mandar Village in the form of houses on stilts. This village is rich with cacao trees, fruits, and vegetables. Indeed, gardening is the main livelihood in this village

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