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Tanjung Gorango, Morotai

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Tanjung Gorango - Morotai                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       kabmorotai


Morotai is an island and a district in the Halmahera Islands, Maluku. For some people, Morotai is known as a rich island with heritages of the Pacific war and General Douglas McArthur’s history. In addition, Moratai also has another beautiful nature, namely Tanjung Gorango or Gorango Cape. In the natural object you can enjoy white sand, blue sea, and untouched panoramas around the beach. Tanjung Gorango is located 90 kilometers from Daruba, the capital city of Morotai Island Regency. It takes three hours to drive on a four-wheeled vehicle and two hours by motorbike. To enter Gorango Cape, you are charged an entrance ticket fee of Rp. 5,000 per person.

In the local language, Gorango means shark. So, Tanjung Gorango means Cape of Sharks. But you don’t have to worry, there have never incidents of sharks preying on people on the site. Once arriving at Gorango Cape, you will see a beach in the form of a bay surrounded by lush land on the left and right sides. The waves can be calm, sometimes can be more big. The calm wave season during April to September, so, that time are safe for the visitors to swim.

Besides swimming, you can also surf at Gorango or relax on the soft sand beaches and just going along the shoreline by foot. When walking along the coastline, you will find a large pile of rocks. Passing through the rock, and many flat areas, you will come to a lagoon with clear and turquoise sea water. You can feel the freshness of the lagoon water by swimming. For those who want to take a rest, the beach offers several huts for resting places. Unfortunately there is no restaurant on the location, so you have to bring your own drinks and foods for lunch.

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