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Thursday, 15 October 2020 11:39

IDI: Doctors Killed Due To COVID-19 Increased To 136

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The number of doctors who died due to COVID-19 has increased to a total of 136 people according to the latest data from the Indonesian Doctors Association (IDI) Executive Committee Mitigation Team.


According to an IDI press release received in Jakarta on Thursday, in the past week, four doctors have died from infection with SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.


IDI said that the doctors who died due to COVID-19 consisted of 69 general practitioners including four professors, 63 specialists including five professors, and two residents or specialist doctors who were serving placement assignments.


Doctors who died because of corona virus infection were recorded as coming from East Java (32), North Sumatra (23), DKI Jakarta (19), West Java (12), Central Java (9), South Sulawesi (6), Bali. (5), South Sumatra (4), South Kalimantan (4), Aceh (4), East Kalimantan (3), Riau (4), Riau Islands (2), Yogyakarta (2), West Nusa Tenggara (2), North Sulawesi (2), Banten (2), and West Papua (1).


Deputy Chairman of the PB IDI Mitigation Team Dr. Ari Kusuma Januarto, SpOG (K) said that the deaths of medical personnel and health workers due to COVID-19 are still occurring and are increasingly worrying.


"There must be comprehensive cooperation from both the government and the public in implementing health protocols so that medical and health workers can continue their important work without risking their own lives," he said.


"Not only the people, but we also want this pandemic to pass quickly. This situation will never be finished if there is no full cooperation from the community as the frontline," he added.


The Head of the Guidelines and Health Protocols Team for the PB IDI Mitigation Team, Dr. dr Eka Ginanjar, SpPD-KKV, stated that there are still many residents who are half-hearted in implementing the health protocol.


According to him, this can be seen from the number of people who have not worn masks properly, gathered without wearing masks, rarely washed their hands, and neglected to change clothes after activities outside the home.


He emphasized the importance of adhering to health protocols to avoid the risk of transmission of the virus from people who have COVID-19 but do not experience symptoms or only experience mild symptoms.


"People who feel fine when actually carrying this virus usually have never tested for COVID-19, then carry out activities outside the home by ignoring health protocols, and then pass it on to other vulnerable people," he said.


"People who experience flu-like symptoms, even if they are mild, should not underestimate this. Avoid going out of the house or gathering and immediately doing testing. In many cases, people still find it difficult to believe the existence of COVID-19 at this time," said Eka. (Antaranews)

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