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Thursday, 15 October 2020 13:16

Inject the Covid-19 Vaccine Soon

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Amid the protests against Omnibus Law - Job Creation Law in Indonesia during the pandemic, the emergence of new clusters is worried. The good news is that the phase 3 clinical trial of Covid-19 vaccine enters the final phase. In Indonesia, there is yet any report about vaccine volunteers experiencing illness because of the vaccine. Many then hoped the vaccine could suppress Covid-19 virus that had spread in almost every country in the world.

Meanwhile, amid the hope of successful vaccine development, Johnson and Johnson from USA on Monday, October 12, announced that some of their 60,000 volunteers caught illness, and they delayed the next process that had entered the final phase. As quoted from CNN, the delay does not mean stopping the vaccine test, but it will be material for another research for US doctors. The researchers are reviewing the vaccine tests and examining the vaccine sample. This happened in England in September. However in INdonesia, so far miraculously, there is yet any sign to stop or review the vaccine from China that is still under the 3rd phase test jointly done with Indonesian state-owned pharma company PT Bio Farma.

About Covid-19 vaccine procurement, Indonesia had ordered three types of vaccine for the people. Covid-19 Task Force spokesperson Wiku Aidsasmito said that the government's move by purchasing three different vaccines that haven't passed the 3rd phase of clinical test had been previously consulted with health experts. According to Wiku, until now there is yet any report that the three vaccine types cause any negative effect that harms the user. If the vaccine did not pass the clinical test, then Indonesian government had anticipated it by terminating the purchase as written in the purchasing contract.

Truly, Covid-19 vaccine procurement is a main thing for Indonesian people considering the health experts predicted that the pandemic can continue for until the next two years. Research is also developed after the emergence of virus mutation. Besides that, if the purchase is done after the test, the price will surely soar. 

Besides purchasing vaccines, Indonesian vaccine producers with health experts and researchers are trying to find alternative cures for Covid-19. Indonesian Ulema Council MUI and health experts also had left for China to observe the production and test the halal aspect of the vaccine that will be injected to Indonesian citizens, considering most of them are Muslim. Besides that, Indonesian government had prioritized early vaccination programs for medical apparatus and security personnel who stayed in the frontline against Covid-19.

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