Thursday, 19 November 2020 16:28

Positive COVID-19 Indonesia Increases 4,798 on Thursday

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Positive confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported through the Task Force for Handling COVID-19 as of Thursday at 12.00 WIB increased by 4,798 cases, bringing the total COVID-19 cases in Indonesia to 483,518 cases.

Based on data from the COVID-19 Handling Task Force received in Jakarta, the number of recovered patients per day has increased by 4,265 people, so that the total number of COVID-19 patients who have recovered is 406,612 people.

Meanwhile, for cases of confirmed positive COVID-19 patients who have died so far, it has increased by 97 people, in total 15,600 deaths.

This number was obtained from the specimens examined per day as many as 47,630 samples. With this increase, the cumulative number of specimens examined in Indonesia reached 5,219,471 specimens. The total number of suspects per day are 63,546 people.

Then, COVID-19 has infected 34 provinces in the country, covering 505 districts and cities.

More specifically, the addition of new positive cases today was mostly reported in DKI Jakarta with 1,185 cases, Riau, Central Java 444 cases, East Java 425, West Java 394 cases, West Sumatra 195 cases, Banten 159 cases, East Kalimantan 131 cases, Lampung 125 cases and North Sulawesi 121 cases.

In addition, there are five provinces that reported the addition of new cases under 10 people with four of them without cases at all. The four provinces are East Nusa Tenggara, North Kalimantan, Gorontalo, and Papua.

East Java Province is the region with the most deaths per day, namely 16 people. Then DKI Jakarta followed with 14 people and Central Java eight people.

Meanwhile, the provinces that reported the most number of recovered patients today were Riau with 1,002 recovered, followed by DKI Jakarta with 886 recovered cases, West Java with 440 recovered cases, West Sumatra with 400 recovered cases, and Central Java with 333 recovered cases.

To date, the cumulative data on positive COVID-19 cases in Indonesia occurred in DKI Jakarta with 123,003 cases followed by East Java with 57,662 cases, West Java with 46,456 cases, Central Java with 45,739 cases, and South Sulawesi with 19,606 cases.

Most recovered patients were reported in DKI Jakarta 112,741, East Java 51,120, West Java 36,662, Central Java 34,182, and South Sulawesi 17,470.

Meanwhile, the highest number of deaths occurred in East Java, namely 4,084 people, followed by Jakarta 2,478 people, Central Java 2,088 people, West Java 863 people, and North Sumatra 587 people. (Antaranews)

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