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Attending Democrat Party’s National Leadership Meeting, President Highlights the Quality of Democracy Featured

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President Joko Widodo Attends Democrat Party's National Leadership Meeting 2018 President Joko Widodo Attends Democrat Party's National Leadership Meeting 2018 VOI-Andy

President Joko Widodo highlighted the quality of democracy in Indonesia which has been moving towards a positive direction. Nevertheless, according to him, there are still things should be paid attention to, so that democracy in Indonesia can develop better. Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Democrat Party’s National Leadership Meeting 2018, Saturday, in Bogor, West Java, the President said that democracy in Indonesia is running well, marked by the amendment of the 1945 Constitution which equates the People's Consultative Assembly with other state institutions. In addition, democracy in Indonesia has also grown positively with the decentralization of government and with the multiparty system adopted in combination with the direct elections at both the regional and central levels. However, according to the President, the journey of democracy in Indonesia should still be improved especially with the freedom of opinion in the community. According to the President, the government together with political parties in Indonesia and element of the society, must participate in building political maturity in the community. The President added the development of democracy in Indonesia should also be implemented by prioritizing the welfare and prosperity of the Indonesian nation.

“First we have to build political maturity, political ethics, and manners in politics, and also civilization in politics. Second, we must make democracy to be more felt by the people, namely democracy which is more prosperous to the people. These two things are important agenda in our political development. Contestation in the election of regional head, Contestation in legislative election and contestation in presidential level must uphold ethics and civilization. Contestation must be of mutual respect, not reproach and ridicule others,” the President said.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo conveyed that in a political contestation, politicians in Indonesia must still uphold the eastern customs and tradition that put forward the decency and unity especially in providing examples and education for the younger generation. In addition, the President added that democracy in Indonesia should also produce the character of partisanship towards the people. Democracy must also be followed by governance with increasing efficiency. Democracy, according to the President, should also support innovation for national development. According to him, the Indonesian people can win the global competition while eradicating poverty and increasing equity. (VOI /Ndy/trans Alika/AHM)

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