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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 09:48

No Vaccines Could Reach 100 Percent Efficacy, Expert Says

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Immunization expert, dr. Elizabeth Jane Soepardi said that there are no vaccine efficacy that could reach 100 percent.

"Some could reach 78 percent, some other reach 90 percent. This means that there is still a 10-25 percent chance of contracting the disease. But the illness is not severe and the infection rate will also drop dramatically so that it can reduce the death rate and hospital burden," said Elizabeth, Monday (11/1/2021).

Elizabeth said that 65 percent of the vaccine's efficacy is still beneficial for protecting yourself, your family, and others.

"The 65 percent efficacy is still better than no protection. Especially now that the hospital is getting full. We need the Covid-19 vaccine to increase immunity and reduce the number of virus transmission, "he said.

Elizabeth said, to determine the efficacy of a vaccine, researchers and experts are certainly not arbitrary in determining the rules.

As is known, WHO provides a minimum requirement for the efficacy of the vaccine by 50 percent, so that if 100 people are injected, then at least 50 people are immune.

"In fact, the Covid-19 vaccines are capable of having efficacy above 50 percent. There is an efficacy value of 78 percent in Brazil, some up to close to 90 percent, even above 90 percent. This means that we don't have to be picky about brands. As long as the efficacy is above 50 percent and obtaining a use permit from the BPOM, it is certain that it is safe, high quality, and efficacious, "he said.

The assessment that has been issued by the POM on the efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine is 65.3 percent, this shows that this vaccine is believed to be able to reduce transmission by 65.3 percent and higher than the WHO provisions for the minimum efficacy of the Covid-19 vaccine. (RRI)

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