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Tuesday, 12 January 2021 13:47

Ambassador Nana Yuliana Meets Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anayansi Rodriquez to Discuss Scholarships, Investment and Trade Cooperation

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Indonesian Ambassador to Cuba met with deputy foreign minister of Cuba in Havana - Kbri Havana

Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to Cuba, Nana Yuliana met Cuban Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Anayansi Rodriquez to hand over a copy of the Indonesian President's Credential Letter to the President of the Republic of Cuba, Diaz Canel Bermudez Monday (4/1). As quoted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (07/1), Ambassador Nana Yuliana expressed her appreciation for the scholarship assistance that the Cuban government has given to nine Indonesian students to study at Escuela Latinoamericana de Medicina (ELAM). Two of these students have now completed their education and they are in Indonesia. Deputy Minister Anayansi promised that Cuba would keep providing medical scholarships for Indonesian students.

Ambassador Nana conveyed the opportunities and potential for cooperation between Indonesia and Cuba in several fields to continue to be improved in 2021. She also remarked that economic diplomacy, health and sports are the priorities of the Indonesian Embassy in Havana in the future.

In addition, Deputy Minister Anayansi welcomed the presence of Ambassador Nana as the first female Indonesian Ambassador to Cuba and further increased the role of women in international diplomacy. The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs is committed to finalizing the draft diplomatic and official visa-free agreement in 2021. Meanwhile, Indonesia offers capacity building in the agriculture and fisheries sector to increase Cuban Human Resources in this sector. Ambassador Nana Yuliana further stated that with the condition of Covid-19, this did not close the opportunity for training and education that could be carried out through virtual media. In the fields of economy, investment and trade, Deputy Minister Anayansi welcomed the Indonesian Ambassador's program plan to increase cooperation in the fields of education, trade, health, sports and biopharmaceuticals that need to be improved. In addition, Cuba and Indonesia have geographical similarities which could provide opportunities for cooperation in agriculture, aquamarine, and many others.

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