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Friday, 15 January 2021 10:22

Trump’s impeachment

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The transition process of the United States leadership will officially take place on January 20 with the inauguration of Joe Biden, the elected president of the United States. Various preparations for the ceremony which is considered sacred are now being carried out. But apparently not only that, the US House of Representatives has convened and voted to impeach the previous president, Donald Trump. After being successful in the House, this process will be forwarded to the Senate. The Senate hearing will be held after Trump leaves office on Wednesday (20/01) next week.

If it goes without a hitch in the Senate, then Trump will likely be impeached. This means Trump will not have a chance to run again in future Presidential elections. In addition, various facilities as a retired president as received by his predecessors are likely to be revoked. This is the second impeachment attempt for Trump during his tenure as President of the United States. 

All of this is in the aftermath of the Trump supporters' attack on the Capitol Hill Building, during the House session on the result of Electoral College votes, declaring Joe Biden as the US President-elect. Trump is held responsible for the action that resulted in 5 deaths.

Support for impeachment is strong in the House. Although insignificant, 10 politicians who support Trump, namely the Republican Party, even expressed support for Trump's impeachment process. However, everything is not certain, because it is still waiting for the process in the Senate. As is known, currently the US House of Representatives is controlled by the Democratic Party while the Senate is controlled by the Republican Party.

Whatever the final outcome of the political process that is currently taking place in that country is a lesson for all parties. The hard work of the party is ensured not only when selecting the proposed presidential candidates and passing them on to become president, but also how the party's president ended his term of office.

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