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Wednesday, 13 January 2021 11:31

The Impact of Capitol Hill Riot on US New Government

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The inauguration of Joe Biden as President of the United States next January 20, will receive tight guard and security. This is different from the same events in the past. The recent riots at the House of Representatives' building, Capitol Hill, Washington, are expected to have an impact on the inauguration of the President of the United States. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) received information that there might be a protest at the inauguration ceremony, which is actually an important and sacred event. The FBI has warned of possible bigger protests from Donald Trump's supporters. As reported, some of them had rioted when the Congress convened to determine the results of the United States election.

The incident, which is a disgrace for a country that is considered the main upholder of democracy, has given a very bad image for Donald Trump who lost the election. Apart from being widely criticized, Donald Trump is also threatened with being dismissed before his term of office expires through impeachment, initiated by legislators from the Democratic Party. If the proposal continues, then Donald Trump will be the only President of the United States to experience impeachment twice.

Efforts to dismiss Donald Trump as President, just a few days before the inauguration of the new President, were deemed necessary, both by internal government circles, members of the Senate and Congress, especially from the Democratic Party. It is feared that Donald Trump will use his powers to destabilize the presidential inauguration. In a statement via his personal Twitter, Donald Trump confirmed that he would not be present at the inauguration ceremony for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Although it is not regulated in the law that the former President must attend, Donald Trump's absence will become a historical record. Previously, the former President and Vice President of the United States were always present at the inauguration of their successors, which is a sacred event for the American nation.

Donald Trump finally did have a very bad reputation as President of the United States, at the end of his reign. The absence of a speech acknowledging Joe Biden's victory, the controversy he generated over the election results and the public calls that prompted supporters to come to Capitol Hill, did not only have an impact on him. The bad image of the US as the largest democracy, and the unfavorable atmosphere ahead of the transfer of power to the elected President, will be an additional burden for the new President and Vice President. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris must be able to reunite the people of the United States that are still divided. Meanwhile, this new government still has to concentrate on fighting the Covid 19 pandemic which is getting worse. It must also restore foreign trust, both those who have been partners and opponents.

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