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Tuesday, 19 January 2021 13:58

National Movement for Convalescent Plasma Donor

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Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Ma'ruf Amin inaugurated the National Movement for the Convalescent Plasma Donor in Jakarta on Monday (18/1). Convalescent plasma transfusion is one way of treating patients with Covid-19 with severe and critical symptoms. On the occasion, Vice President Ma'ruf expressed his hope that this joint movement is intended to inspire empathy and motivate Covid-19 survivors to be able to voluntarily donate their convalescent plasma to help Covid-19 patients who are currently being treated in some hospitals.

Convalescent plasma is blood plasma taken from a former Covid-19 sufferer, because it contains SARS-Cov-2 antibodies. Then, the plasma is processed so that it can be donated. It is hoped that the antibodies in the blood plasma of recovered patients will help fight the Corona virus in the body of Covid-19 patients.

In fact, the donor movement of the convalescent blood plasma is not new to being implemented in Indonesia. Since April last year, partially, several regions in Indonesia have implemented it. Those who were exposed and recovered have also donated their blood. It's just that, the amount is not enough. From the testimonies of those who have been running, this area plasma transfusion accelerates the recovery process.

Indeed, not all Covid-19 survivors can become convalescent blood donors. Requirements to be able to donate their blood are people who are at the age 18 until 60 years, and they have been infected with Covid-19 (positive PCR)with moderate-severe symptoms; have been declared recovered; have no symptoms at least 14 days after recovering, male or femalewho are preferably never pregnant.

Based on data on, until January 18, 2021, the number of patients who have recovered is 745,935 people. If five percent of that number meets the requirements, of course it can help the recovery process of those with severe and critical symptoms. As a result, this will reduce the number of deaths. In addition, it is likely that the recovery period will be shorter. This will certainly help save a lot not only the lives of Covid-19 patients, medical personnel, and health workers but also the Indonesian government. If the patient recovers faster, this will reduce the cost of treatment.

Hopefully, there will be many survivors who are willing to donate their blood plasma. The socialization of the National Movement for Convalescent Plasma Donor must also be intensified. The real action of public figures who are Covid-19 survivors of donating blood plasma also needs to be published. Thus, it can encourage other survivors to donate their blood plasma. Because 400 milliliters of their blood plasma means a lot to the Covid-19 patients. It is hoped that the survivors of Covid-19 in Indonesia will also donate their blood plasma. Of course, the point that needs to be considered and implemented is that all Indonesians must obey the set health protocols and make the vaccination program successful so that the Indonesian nation wins against Covid-19.

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