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Wednesday, 20 January 2021 00:00

Wow, That’s A Lot!

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Voice of Indonesia presents Let’s Speak Indonesian, a program that introduces the Indonesianvocabulary and guides you to speak in the language. Mari Berbahasa Indonesia or Let’s Speak Indonesian is a joint initiative of Voice of Indonesia and the Language Development Agency of the Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture. 

Read to this conversation aboutWow, Banyak Sekali Ya! which means Wow, That’s A Lot!

In a sidewalk shop in the road curveKevin sees one of party flags and the participation serial number in the general elections.


Rama, itu gambar apa?


Gambar yang mana?


Itu di samping pohon.


Oh, itu bendera salah satu partai yang mengikuti Pemilu.


Kenapa ada angka sembilan di bendera itu?


Oh, angka itu menunjukkan nomor urut partai dalam Pemilu.


Ada berapa jumlah partai yang mengikuti Pemilu?


Ada dua puluh partai.


Wow, banyak sekali, ya.



Having listened to the conversation, now I am going to introduce somevocabulary andexpressions related to the topic of the day.

Itu gambar apa? (2x)

which means What picture is that?

Oh, itu bendera salah satu partai yang mengikuti Pemilu. (2x)

which means Oh, that’s the flag of a party participating in the general elections

Wow, banyak sekali. (2x)

which means Wow, that’s a lot!

Partai (2x)

which means party

Pemilu (2x)

which means general elections

In the dialog, there is an expression wow, banyak sekali ya (2x) which means wow, that’s a lot. The word wow is an interjection which is used to express shock, amazement and wonder of something. It is usually followed by adjective or noun to describe shock, amazement and wonder of something.

For example:

Wow, rajin sekali Andi dalam belajar. (2x) which means Wow, how diligent Andi in studying

Wow, cantik sekali adiknya Ayu. (2x) which means Wow, how beautiful Ayu’s sister is!

In addition to the word wow, there are also other words aduh and astaga to show shock, amazement and wonder of something. Like the word wow, the words astaga and aduh are usually followed by adjective or noun too.

For example:

Aduh, baik sekali hati anak kecil itu. (2x) which means Oh, how kind the little kid is.

Astaga, Lia terlihat sangat cantik mengenakan gaun itu. (2x) which means Oh gosh, Lia looks so beautiful in that dress.

That was “Let’s Speak Indonesian for today. Hopefully, this edition can be useful for those of you who want to know more about Indonesian language.  

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