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Wednesday, 14 March 2018 13:09

Gethak Mask Dance from Pamekasan

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Indonesia consists of various tribes. There is no wonder, if Indonesia is rich of arts and cultures. But, there are some of the arts which are almost extinct. Therefore, to preserve them, the regional government of Pamekasan in Madura, East Java attempts to carry out some efforts.  One of its regional main arts is called ‘Gethak mask dance’. Gethak mask dance is one of traditional dances which becomes part of Ludruk Sandur performance. Ludruk Sandur or Sandur art is a kind of folk art which is most loved by Pamekasan people. The art is always performed in every event, such as wedding party, circumcision and many others. No wonder, all Pamekasan people know the art well. In Ludruk Sandur performance, Gethak mask dance is performed as opening of the art’s performance. Gethak mask dance is known with the name ‘Klonoan’ dance. Every movement of the dance depends on the sound of Kendang or drum which sounds “Ge” and “Tak”. The sound of the drum, which is followed with the dance, is named ‘Gethak mask dance’. Until now, the name of Klonoan has no more used and it is changed to be Getak mask dance. The traditional dance describes a figure of Prabu Baladewa in the Dhalang Maduramask performance. Madura people are very proud with the figure. Baladewa is a figure with strong and stiff character and he is open-minded in revealing every problem. The characters are considered to describe characters of Madura people in general. Pamekasan regional government has decided Getak mask dance as the main traditional dance of Pamekasan regency. Since 2010, the dance has been taught to students as extra-curriculum subject. It is valued effective to protect the preservation of the dance.

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