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Monday, 12 March 2018 09:59

Tulup, typical weapon of West Nusa Tenggara

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West Nusa Tenggara –NTB has two main islands, namely Lombok and Sumbawa. Currently, there are 3 main tribes which are the original population of West Nusa Tenggara, namely Sasak from Lombok Island, Mbojo and Sumbawa from Sumbawa Island. Every tribe has a traditional weapon which has historical and cultural values. One of the weapons is Tulup from Sasak tribe.Tulup is one of traditional weapons from Sasak tribe, which is used for hunting. The weapon is made from Meranti wood which is perforated. Its bullet is called ‘Ancar’, made from midrib of palm tree which is formed like arrowhead. Usually, the head of Ancar is smeared with sap of Tatar tree. The sap is very effective to kill animals. Tulup has three important components which must be brought when hunting, namely Tulup handle, Ancar, and Terontong or Ancar storage.According to the history, Tulup has been known in the tribes’ culture, who live in hinterland of Indonesia such as  Kalimantan, Sumatera, Papua, and Nusa Tenggara. Usually, they use Tulup to hunt animals. For hunters of Sasak tribe, Tulup is considered as sacred object. According to them, hunting is their livelihood. Tulup is a tool which helps to get livelihood. Thus, it needs to be honored. Until now, people who live near forest still use Tulup. The thick forest of Lombok and the existence of pigs and monkeys make the local people enjoy hunting. But, the provincial government of NTB alone with the Ministry of Forestry and Environment cooperated to prohibite the people to hunt monkeys because these animals are protected ones. As a result, the number of traditional hunters decreases.

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