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Sunday, 24 January 2021 11:36

Salons, barbershops adapt to new normal as pandemic continues unabated

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Salons, barbershops adapt to new normal as pandemic continues unabated - ANT



When the transition large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) measures were implemented for the first time in June, 2020, Jakartans geared up to once again carry out activities in places they were not able to visit during the complete lockdown.


Beauty salons and personal grooming parlors, which were among those impacted by the lockdown and restriction policies, prepared to welcome customers back and revive their businesses.

Under the new normal, everyone has been warned time and time again, that this is not a green light for things to return to normal. People are still being asked to adhere to strict health protocols, including maintaining distancing, washing hands with running water and soap regularly, using hand sanitizers when water is unavailable, and wearing masks.

However, owner of ARTE Barber, Karina Renata, felt the need for extra safety measures to ensure maximum protection.“We have prepared a set of health and safety guidelines to ensure that we are protecting not only ourselves, but, of course, our customers as well,” she told ANTARA.

In accordance with the government regulation to limit occupancy to 50 percent, ARTE Barber is prioritizing customers who make prior reservations and only allowing two people into the premises at a time, that is, one customer and one barber. Customers are being asked to wear masks, as well as barbers, who are wearing face shields and gloves for extra protection.

“We have taken our hygiene very seriously, even way before the pandemic. We always provide fresh towels and barber capes, and routinely disinfect our chairs, tools, and counters,” Renata wrote on ARTE Barber’s Instagram page//ANT

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