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Friday, 22 January 2021 00:00


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Finally, Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. or Joe Biden was officially appointed as the 46th President of the United States on January 21, 2021, replacing Donald Trump. At the age of 78, Joe Biden is also the oldest president of the United States in history and the only one who was sworn in wearing a mask because of the still unsettling Covid-19 pandemic. Shortly after being sworn in, Biden immediately cleared the White House of Trump loyalists. In his speech as president, Biden spoke about unity, environment, Covid-19, and white supremacy. He praised Kamala Harris as a minority figure who becomes the vice president of the US and is considered a symbol of change. Regarding environmental issues, Biden said that America was in need of help. He also criticized divisive people, including extremist groups.

The American people and the international world as well have been waiting for Joe Biden's stance  and leadership, even from his first days as President. The role that Donald Trump played in international relations has positioned America in several difficult conditions in terms of international trade, foreign policy and international defense and security.

Of course, it takes time and process to handle all of that. In addition, Joe Biden must find people with the same vision in running his government. On his first day as President of the United States, Joe Biden seemed to want to convey a specific message that in the next five years, American policies will be completely different from the ones before. Of course, what everyone hopes is for a better condition, especially with regard to policies, both at home and abroad.

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