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There was something interesting from the activity of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) yesterday. Usually, while attending the event, President Joko Widodo is surrounded by men of the presidential security guard - Paspampres. But when attending the inaugural ceremony event of the export of Mitsubishi Xpander in Tanjung Priok Port, North Jakarta, President Joko Widodo was seen surrounded by female members of the Paspampres. The women troops were alert to escort President Joko Widodo throughout the activity. Previously, at the Kartini Day event held at Monas in Central Jakarta, the female bodyguards were very alert and smart to protect President Joko Widodo.

Of course, there is a special reason why this time, women are assigned to safeguard President Joko Widodo. Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media Secretariat of the President, Bey Machmudin said that the condition is indeed designed to commemorate ‘Kartini Day’, a day that symbolizes the struggle of equality of women's rights in Indonesia.

The opportunity for Indonesian women to enter in every profession is open enough. The proportion is getting increased. Looking at the Working Cabinet of President Joko Widodo, there are eight women who play a major role in his Cabinet Ministry. Now, Indonesian women have wide opportunities to uphold the sovereignty of the state, to maintain the territory of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution, and to protect the nation and the country from the threat and disturbance towards the unity of the nation and the country. The number and proportion of women members of the corps of the National Army and the Indonesian National Police are also increasing.

The presence of women security guards and law enforcement authorities is appreciated by President Joko Widodo. When chairing the joint marching of 10.000 women from Armed Forces -TNI, National Police –Polri and all woman components in commemorating ‘Kartini Day’, President Joko Widodo expressed his gratitude for their contribution in maintaining the defense and security of the country which continues to increase from time to time. He also affirmed that they have played a major and strategic role. Because, the people, the government, and the state need the women’s key role. In addition, Indonesian women play a unique role in providing a sense of security and excellent service to the community.

Actually, the presence of female presidential guards is not something new. They are always present in every state event, especially if First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo always attends an event. They are members of Paspampres Group A who have the duty of carrying out immediate physical security at close range at all times against the President and his family.


Although often criticized for his leadership style, Donald Trump is still a leader of the superpower, the United States. Even Trump makes at least 2 surprises in 2018. First is his planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un sometime to come. The second surprise was, ordering his troops and supported by US, British and French allies carrying out attacks in Syria for some time.
For East Asian affairs, particularly the issue of the Korean Peninsula, Trump was approached by its ally, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Both discuss this issue as one of their meeting agendas. Nevertheless, the two do not agree on trade matters.
A week after that, the Trump discussion shifted to the West Asian region. This time the allies of the United States in the attack in Syria, French President Emmanuele Macron menyambanginya Tuesday (April 24, 2018). The two discussed issues in Syria and JCPOA, the Comprehensive Comprehensive Action Plan signed by Irang with six countries, the United States, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany in Lausanne, Switzerland, 2 April 3 years ago and will expire May 12, 2018. Trump does not seem to be pleased to continue the JCPOA because it considers it the "worst in history".
Whether realized or not, Trump plays an important role both in East Asia and West Asia. If Trump and allies maintain a commitment to peace in West Asia, Trump should still try to make it happen whether it is through a peaceful process in Syria, in Palestine and not necessarily rejecting JCPOA with Iran.
On the contrary in East Asia, it seems a more positive aura for the United States to resolve the nuclear issue with North Korea. The meeting of the two Koreas closer to the realization of the golden bridge of peace on the Peninsula. Donald Trump's meeting - Kim Jong Un guarantees eternal peace on the Korean Peninsula.
We hope the United States is truly committed to peace. Because only with world peace can share prosperity for all.


Cases of sexual violence against kids still occur and attract the public's attention. According to Global Report 2017 ‘Ending Violence in Childhood reported by Know Violence in Childhood, an organization under UNICEF, the number of sexual violence against girls worldwide with the ages 15-19 reaches 18 million. This figure excludes the number of violence against boys. Many people wonder why child abuse cases continue to happen (?) Then, how does the Indonesian government overcome the case?

The commitment of the Indonesian government expressed by President Joko Widodo and  Minister of Women's Empowerment of Child Protection, Yohanna Yambise encourages the perpetrators of sexual crimes against kids to be strictly punished. This is aimed at reducing the cases of sexual violence against childrenHowever, the effort will not be fruitful without cooperation with all related stakeholders.


Based on the existing laws, the punishment for child sex offenders is relatively severe. But most importantly, it is not the treatment after the tragedy. But it’s how to keep and protect the children to avoid the deviant behavior of people who are not responsible. The responsibility and protection of the children still depend on their respective parents. Therefore, parents must understand the behavior of the children and the environment around them. They should also provide early understanding to their children about sex, the threat of sexual harassment and sexual violence. In addition, the children are educated how to recognize the people around them who have deviant behavior and may harm the children. Based on experience, most perpetrators of sexual crimes against children are those who are already close to the children.


The children are the next generation that will determine the fate of the Indonesian nation in the future. Therefore, there is no reason not to protect them now and in the future. Both the government and related stakeholders, including the general public have common duty and responsibility to eliminate sexual crimes against children across Indonesia.


The implementation of the National Examination for Junior High Level (SMP) or the equivalent is held simultaneously starting today, April 23 until April 26 in Indonesia with the total number of the participants nearly 4.3 million students. 63% of the participants follow the UN-based computer (UNBK) while the others still follow the exam by conventional way, namely by pencil and paper (UNKP). When asked how difficult is about the use of ‘HOTS’ model (Higher Order Thinking Skills) in the National Examination of Junior High School and the equivalent, Head of National Education Standards Agency (BSNP), Bambang Suryadi responded that the model has become the policy of the Ministry of Education and Culture to introduce the assessment with HOTS model that aims to train critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills among students so that they do not learn by memorizing patterns. This is in line with one of the goals of the 2013 Curriculum that does encourage the critical, creative, and analytical thinking skills. Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy said to Antara News Agency in Jakarta on Sunday (22/4) that about 10 to 15 % of the existing questions are related to HOTS model. The level of difficulty is adjusted to the ability of Junior High School students. Why does HOTS model seem difficult for the students? Secretary General of the Federation of Indonesian Teachers Union (FSGI), Heru Purnomo perceives that only some teachers apply HOTS in school learning. The approach of HOTS model is related to the 2013 curriculum. Meanwhile, most of the students who sit at IX class, attending the UN-based computer -UNBK still use Education Unit Level Curriculum -KTSP. In fact, any kinds of education models given in the national examination for Junior High School students or the equivalent levels will not be considered difficult, if the participating examinees have well prepared for the exam. Students’ great motivation to understand teaching materials at school, including support from parents, teachers, and the environment becomes very meaningful to be successful in the final exams, such as the National Exam, the School Exam or the Nationally Standardized Exam (USBN).


Say No to Bootleg Liquors

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At least 60 people should lose their souls due to ignorance of the dangers of drinking methanol. This case occurs in some areas. Without having to wait for victims of new casualties fall, without having to wait for the results of further research, you should immediately stop the production of the drink. The loss of life of so many people should make us realize that the circulation of drinks made haphazardly like this endangers many people. Legally, alcoholic drinks can be circulated on a limited basis. This is possible because of the guests of foreign countries who come to Indonesia. But the unofficial circulating is booze.

The question is, why is this fake mixed alcohol and liquor still easily obtained in the middle of society?  Still need to revise or reinforce the existing rules? Or maybe even prohibit its citizens from consuming alcoholic beverages, as some countries do. One of the mechanisms of suppressing illegal production is by monitoring the upstream sector. Not everyone can buy methanol which is the source of alcohol in the production of oplosan, in quantities that allow for production.

Also required is a strong commitment from the Government and law enforcement officers to supervise and control the circulation of alcohol, especially alcohol oplosan. Commitment to complete eradication has been affirmed by the Police of the Republic of Indonesia. Deputy Chief of Police of the Republic of Indonesia, Commissioner General Safrudin, said that before May, oplosan liquor should no longer exist. The hope is certainly not limited to a statement.

Strict action, continuous supervision of the government and the authorities becomes one of the keys to the success of suppressing alcoholic circulation of bootleg liquors. The legal process must also produce legal decisions that really make deterrent actors, especially the peraciknya. No less important is the Commitment of the whole community. Religious leaders, community leaders, educators, parents determine how we, especially young gerasi this to be a generation away from alcoholic beverages, far from alcohol oplosan. For whatever reason, in terms of any presence of liquor let alone alcohol will have more negative impact.



The North and South Korean people are currently waiting for the outcome of their leaders’ meeting with President of the United States, Donald Trump to discuss the future of relations between the two countries on the Korean peninsula. After being separated for 65 years due to the civil war (1950-1953), it is likely that the people of both Koreas are longing for peace. President Donald Trump himself hopes that a high-level meeting between leaders of both Koreas and the United States will result in an agreement. He expressed his hope in Washington on Wednesday (April 18) after listening to his CIA Director, Mike Pompeo's report. Pompeo had specifically visited Pyongyang for 3 days until April 2nd, and met North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un.


Since few months ago, the idea of reconciliation process between South Korea and North Korea has seemed to face a dead lock. At that time, North Korea still conducted nuclear weapons test. It even launched ballistic missiles which were propagandized to be able to reach the American continent. Responding to Pyongyang's action, Donald Trump then threatened to attack North Korea. The psy-war between Washington and Pyongyang has finally subsided after signs of dialogue between North and South Korea emerged. The softening of North Korea's stance is marked by the acceptance of K-pop artist delegations visiting and performing in Pyongyang and getting the North Korean Leader's attention. Ahead of this summit, Kim Jong-un has met Chinese President, Xi Jinping during a state visit in Beijing, China.

Like the people of both Koreas, the international world also hopes that the summit of both Korean leaders with the United States can take place, and result in an agreement that will improve relations. For the people of both Koreas, the summit is certainly welcomed with great optimism. This will be the first to take place after the Korean peninsula was divided into North Korea and South Korea due to civil war. Whether the optimism and hope can be realized is still waiting for the results of the Korea-United States Summit. That hope is also very dependent on the attitude of North Korean leader, Kim Jon-un in particular in facing the demands of denuclearization. Besides, it also cannot be separated from how China as a major supporter of North Korea and the United States as supporter of South Korea have to address and view the future of the two countries on the Korean Peninsula, that were originally one.


Indonesia’s Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) on Monday, 16 Aprildisclosed  that the Indonesian Human Development Index (HDI) in 2017 reached 70.81 points or an increase of almost one percent compared to the previous year. When viewed from the trend side, there is increasing Human Development Index in Indonesia every year. By 2015, it was still below 70, in 2016 it increased to 70.18 and in  2017 to 70.81.

Head of BPS Suhariyanto said that Indonesia's Human Development Index (HDI) is currently included in the high category. However, there are still significant inequalitiessuch as  between Jakarta and Papua. The calculation of HDI is compiled using three dimensions, namely health as measured by life expectancy indicator. Then the knowledge or education,  measured by the expectations and the average length of schooling. The last  is  decent living dimension approached in accordance to  per capita expenditure.

Meanwhile, UNDP Country Program Director for Development - UNDP Indonesia, Christophe Bahuet (read: kristop baue) said the rise in Indonesia's HDI shows there has been a lot of progress. The next step towards high human development is the inclusion and reduction of gaps. Especially for remote provinces and between men and women.

For the Government, the BPS report on the rise in HDI is quite encouraging. Because it means that the policy of Nawacita (nine development program) has given a significant correlation. Even so, the Government's homework is still waiting, that is, accelerating the equality of development, especially in eastern Indonesia.

The Human Growth Index is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the UN General Assembly in September 2015. Indonesia itself supports it,  with Presidential regulations on the implementation of Sustainable Development in July 2017, which is closely linked to Indonesia's Development. Not only physical but also non-physical oriented, which will end up  on the Human Development Index.



After having been quite a long time Japan and China’s relationship have not been good due to territorial dispute issues, last Monday (April 16, 2018), Japan welcomes Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi 's visit to Tokyo with an invitation to have warm bilateral relations. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe conveyed his call amidst a vulnerable security situation in Northeast Asia due to North Korean missile threats. Abe wants cooperation with China to encourage the North Korean ruling regime to stop its nuclear program. The role of the PRC is expected to bring North Korea to the negotiating table with the United States and Japan. Some time ago, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un visited Beijing and met with President Xi Jin Ping. Instead Abe will meet President Trump to discuss the halt of China's nuclear-assisted program. In an effort unsupported by North Korea, Japan supports a trilateral meeting between Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, with Chinese Prime Minister Li Ke Qiang and South Korean President Moon Jae-in scheduled to be held in May. The positive signs on Korean peninsula issues are North and South Korea’s plans for bilateral meetings as well as meeting between Kim Jong Un and President Trump. China and Japan have good reason to agree to improve relations. In addition to security concerns in the region, it seems also due to the policy of the US President Donald Trump in the form of import tariff plans from China and Japan. Trump even requested that the two countries open up a wider market for US goods. Although not specifically talking about US policy plans, the meeting between Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Minister Taro Kono remained to discuss global economic changes. The Japanese Foreign Minister said that both countries are aware, if starting a trade war, can affect the prosperity of the global economy. Instead Wang said that Japan understands how to keep the rules of the game in the WTO. Both countries are taking measures to maintain a free trade system under the WTO and to build a more open economy together. Improving relations between China and Japan is certainly something positive. Both have a great influence because they are world economic power today.For Indonesia this becomes an opportunity and a challenge. It is opportunity because because improving relationships makes Indonesia free to build relationships with both countries. But it becomes a challenge because Indonesia's products become more difficult to enter the market as they have to compete with similar products from both countries. But more importantly, what is the common desire of all parties are creating peace in the East Asia region.



This week,  , Spring Meeting of IMF and World Bank Group will take place in Washington DC, the Unites States of America. This meeting is really a regular thing for IMF and WB, because it is held every year. But for Indonesia, this meeting is something special because it is related to the preparation of Indonesia to host the Annual Meeting of IMF and WB group in October. Indonesian team led by Coordinating Minister of Maritime Affairs, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan attended the meeting. In addition, Minister of Communication and Informatics, Rudiantara and Director General of Public Communication and Information at the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, Niken Widiastuti were also present at the meeting. The annual meeting of IMF and WB Group 2018 is very prestige for Indonesia. The place is in Nusa Dua, Bali and will be attended by about 15 thousand participants and supporters. Some time ago, Managing Director of IMF, Christine Lagarde came to Jakarta in a bid to carefully check Indonesia's preparations to hold the IMF-WB’s annual meeting. She appreciated all aspects that are very well prepared by the organizers in Indonesia. Besides, she also checked the area to be used for the IMF-WB’s annual meeting at Nusa Dua Convention Center in Bali. As we know, Indonesia is believed to host the implementation of the IMF-World Bank annual meeting in October 2018.This great event will be a moment of business and tourism promotion to delegate guests estimated to reach more than 15,000 people, consisting of finance ministers, governors of central banks, bankers, and CEOs from around the world. The current condition of Bali is also very safe. Mount Agung has stopped erupting. Everything has been prepared carefully by Indonesia, including security guarantees. Indonesia will implement extra-high security standards for the meeting in Bali. Currently, One of Indonesia’s best elite forces –the special force (Kopassus) is ready to safeguard unexpected happening in the next meeting of IMF-WB in Bali. In addition, there is also detachment of Jala Mangkara which is a special amphibious force. As for the National Police -Polri, Indonesia has a Special Detachment 88 Anti-Terror which is highly respected. Thus, it’s hoped that the participants who will participate in the annual meeting of IMF-World Bank 2018 can either attend the meeting or enjoy the beauty of Bali which well-known as the God’s Island. Bali is unique, interesting and sophisticate.



The Indonesia-Africa Forum –IAF was officially opened by Vice President, Jusuf Kalla in Nusa Dua, Bali on Tuesday (April 10, 2018). The two-day forum was the first held between Indonesia and 47 African countries.

Organized by the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the IAF was also supported by Ministry of Trade. The event was attended by 575 delegates from 47 African and the African Union , consisted of policymakers, state-owned enterprises -BUMN, and the private sectors.

The Indonesia-Africa Forum is a platform for governments and businesspeople of Indonesia and African countries to explore and enhance economic and trade cooperation. Besides promoting investment and technical cooperation, the IAF is in line with the efforts of the Ministry of Trade in applying diversification of export products to non-traditional markets, such as African countries.

Based on the records of the Ministry of Trade, the total trade between Indonesia and Africa in 2017 reached $8.85 billion dollars. This value increased by 15.49 percent compared to that of the previous year. The products exported to Africa include palm oil, textiles and textile products, paper, soap, and coffee.

On the first day of the Indonesia-Africa Forum, 10 economic cooperation agreements were signed with a trade value reaching over $586 million dollars. In addition, business plans were announced by 11 companies in Africa with potential trade worth about $1, 3 billion dollars. 

Until the second day, Indonesia-Africa Forum -IAF managed to increase the value of trade transactions about $500 million dollars. The total potential trade agreement for the two-day event amounts to $2.3 billion dollars.

Seeing the potential cooperation that can be developed between Indonesia and countries in Africa, it is natural that this event is expected to be held regularly. The Indonesia-Africa Forum is an effective place to explore the African market which is now a new promising one for Indonesian trade. However above all, there needs synergic cooperation among the stakeholders in boosting Indonesian trade in the African market.