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Menlu RI Retno Marsudi saat berbuka puasa (foto:Kemlu RI)


VOINews, Jakarta : Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi has said that the month of Ramadan provides an opportunity to foster a sense of togetherness and promote tolerance and friendship. 

This was affirmed by Minister  Retno Marsudi when attending the 2024 Pejambon Ifthar activity which was held at the Nusantara Room, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia in Jakarta on Friday (22/3.

Ramadan always provides us a good opportunity to make ourselves a better human being, and a good opportunity to nurture the feeling of togetherness and friendship.This Holy Ramadan also represents a chance for all of us to promote tolerance and ukhuwah,” She conveyed.

Moreover, Minister Retno Marsudi also reminded that the Indonesian people must continue to be grateful because they can gather comfortably while the Palestinians are still fighting for their independence.  Therefore,  she also affirmed that the Indonesian government is committed to helping the Palestinians by continuing to send humanitarian aid to Gaza. (VOI-Ranov-Mar/  AF-Rahmana)






VOI News : Indonesian Minister of Manpower,  Ida Fauziyah was the guest of honor at the celebration of the 63rd Kuwait National Day and the 33rd Kuwait Liberation Day in Jakarta  on Friday (24/2).

In her speech, Minister Ida Fauziyah  pointed out that Kuwait has become the second home for more than 6,100 Indonesian citizens.   She hopes that more professional and skilled workers from Indonesia will work in Kuwait.

“I am happy to know that Kuwait is also a second home for more than 6,100 Indonesian citizens in Kuwait. Approximately,  2,850 Indonesian residents or more than 46% of this number are professional and skilled workers who work in the oil, health and hospitality sectors," She pointed out.

Furthermore, Minister  Ida Fauziyah  revealed that the bilateral trade between Indonesia and Kuwait has shown promising results.  Trade volume in 2023 was recorded to have increased by 60% compared to last year, even slightly exceeding the pre-pandemic trade volume by 2019. 

Minister Ida also expressed her gratitude to the government of Kuwait in supporting the implementation of the 2024 elections in Kuwait, in which 54% of approximately 3,600 registered voters exercised their voting rights. (Rama-Mar/AF-Rhm)





VOI News : Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi delivered Indonesia's oral statement in support of the  advisory opinion of the International Court regarding the legal consequences of Israel's illegal occupation of Palestine.  In the oral statement delivered in the Hague, the Netherlands on  Friday (23/2),  Minister Retno Marsudi outlined various arguments as input and strengthened the granting of an advisory opinion  by the International Court. 

In the statement delivered after the oral statement, she also  explained that there were two main aspects in Indonesia's oral statement. First, it’s from the jurisdiction side and Second, it’s in terms of substance. Minister Retno Marsudi also affirmed that the International Court has the authority to issue legal fatwa.  She also emphasized that various Israeli policies are contrary to international laws and outlined the legal consequences.

Firstly, I start the argument  which is related to jurisdiction. I confirm that the International Court of Justice has jurisdiction to provide an advisory opinion. I also affirm that there is no reason whatsoever for the International Court of Justice not to provide its opinion because this is in accordance with the legal jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, She said.

Moreover, Minister Retno also explained three reasons behind this argument. First, giving a legal fatwa does not interfere with the peace negotiation process because currently, there is no ongoing negotiation process. On the contrary, what happens is that Israel continues to constantly violate all the provisions of international laws, and ignores decisions of the UN Security Council. 

Second, the legal fatwa of the International Court is not intended to draw final conclusions from the current conflict, because the solution to the conflict can only be carried out through negotiations.  However, the legal fatwa would make it easier for the UN General Assembly to take a position according to its function related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Third, the legal fatwa of the International Court will positively assist the peace process by presenting additional legal elements for a comprehensive resolution of the conflict.

Meanwhile in the second argument related to the substance of the legal fatwa, Minister Retno Marsudi conveyed that the Palestinian people have the rights to self-determination so that all parties are obliged to fulfill that rights (erga omnes), including Israel.

“Regarding the substance of the Advisory Opinion itself, I convey that the Court has clearly conveyed that Palestinian self-determination is no longer an issue, which means it has been confirmed that self-determination is legitimate rights of the Palestinian people. This is reinforced by various decisions of the Security Council and also the UN General Assembly, She conveyed.

Furthermore, Minister Retno Marsudi presented four reasons for this argument.  First, the Israeli occupation was carried out as a result of the use of unjustified violence.  Second, Israel has carried out illegal annexation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT) or the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Third, Israel continues to expand illegal settlements.  Fourth, Israel has implemented a policy of apartheid or separation based on skin color towards the Palestinian people, as can be seen from the implementation of two different policy regimes for Jews and Palestinians.

At the end of the oral statement, Minister Retno Marsudi affirmed that there is no country that is above the law. She also invited the international community not to allow Israel to continue its illegal actions.  She also emphasized that the world and the international community have high hopes for the International Court of Justice. (Ndy-Mar/AF-Rhm)


VOI News :  The Nusantara Capital Authority (OIKN) and the Ministry of Transportation carried out a location survey for the proof of concept (PoC) for urban air mobility at two airports in East Kalimantan.

"The trial of this urban air mobility mode will be carried out before the Republic of Indonesia's 79th anniversary in 2024," the deputy for green and digital transformation at OIKN, Mohammed Ali Berawi, said in Jakarta on Thursday.

"This momentum only exists through IKN development and must be utilized. We hope that there is technology that can be utilized for creation, development, and increasing the capacity of Indonesia's human resources," he added.

The two airports where the survey was carried out were the Sultan Aji Muhammad Sulaiman Sepinggan International Airport in Balikpapan and the Aji Pangeran Tumenggung Pranoto (APT Pranoto) International Airport in Samarinda.

Berawi said he strongly supports collaborative initiatives between East Kalimantan airports and international companies, including for conducting an urban air mobility trial in Nusantara and its surrounding areas using advanced technology.

Meanwhile, the director of digital ecosystem development at OIKN, Tonny Agus Setiono, emphasized the importance of comprehensive collaboration between the government and the private sector, as well as determining the feasibility of the transportation mode.

"Trials must be carried out with thorough assessment and certification and also need to be continued for studies regarding operational feasibility and preparation of recommendations for the scope of new policies in urban air mobility," he said.

Therefore, the PoC will not only focus on studying the feasibility of the transportation mode, but also developing systems, human resources, and future policies, he informed. ( Antara/VOIRRI)