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Thursday, 03 May 2018 00:00

Today In History

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Today in History over RRI World Service, Voice of Indonesia. We start from an event on May 3, 1960 when European Free Trade Association was established.

European Free Trade Association was alternative trade block for European countries which were not ableto join in European Economic Community which becomes European Union –EU now. Its goal is to hold free trade of inter member countries and to encourage free trade as media to achieve growth and prosperity among member countries. The European Free Trade Association was established by Norway and Swiss. Currently, only Island, Norway, Swiss,  and Liechtenstein still become members of the association.

The next event was in 1985, Ellyas Pical became the winner of IBF Junior Bantam Class.

Ellyas Pical was born in Ullath, Saparua, Central Maluku, Maluku on March 24, 1960. He was professional boxer from Indonesia who became the first world champion from Indonesia. Ellyas Pical has fallen in love to boxing sport since watching boxing competition on TVRI, especially Muhammad Ali match. His profesional career began in 1983 in Junior Bantam class. Since that time, he achieved series of achievements such as winner of OPBF after defeating Hi-yung Chung from South Korea with score 12 rounds on May 19, 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. Due to his victory, Pical became the first profesional boxer from Indonesia who succeeded to achieve international title overseas. He grabbed IBF title on Junior Bangtam Class from Korean boxer, Chun Ju-do in Jakarta on May3, 1985. Along his career, his records were 20 victories with  11 KOs, 1 draw and 5 defeats.

And the last event is about International Freedom Press Day.

In 1993, the UN assembly determined May 3 as a day to commemorate the basic principles of press freedom. Since that time, May 3 has been commemorated to defence freedom of media from independence attack and to give honorable to jounalists who died in running their profession.  May 3 becomes the day to encourage public initiative to struggle the independence of press. International Freedom Press Dayalso becomes momentum to remind the government to honor its commitment on press freedom.

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