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Diplomatic Corner, a segment presents Indonesian diplomatic activities, both at home and abroad.

First information is from Osaka, Japan. The 60th Anniversary Concert of Indonesia Diplomatic Relations and Japan is held at the Sofia Orchestra Building, Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan (24/6). The concert presents music groups of children and prominent students from both countries. The Resonanz Children's Choir (TRCC) and Keluarga Paduan Angklung SMA 3 Bandung (KPA3) who came directly from Indonesia with Sakai Daiko group from Osaka with traditional Japanese music instrument, Taiko entertained about 750 audiences. In the concert, TRCC amazed the audiences with vocal and attractive choreography bringing Japanese songs like Sakura and Sakura Yo, Indonesia traditional songs namely Yamko Rambe Yamko, Bungong Jeumpa, and Janger until overseas songs, including ‘We Will Rock You’ and Segalariak.

Indonesia Consulate General in Osaka, Mirza Nurhidayat in his speech with Mayor of Sakai and Head of the Parliament of Sakai City Region said that in this momentum of 60 years of diplomatic relations, his side had to be able to optimize together to strengthen the cooperation between Indonesia and Japan in various fields. The event was organized by Indonesia Consulate General in Osaka in collaboration with Sakai City Government, Osaka Prefecture and supported by PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero) and among Indonesian entrepreneurs.

Next information is from Frankfurt. Indonesia Consulate General in Frankfurt opened Indonesian course for German speakers. As quoted from press information received in Jakarta, Tuesday, Indonesia Consulate General in Frankfurt this year is implementing the program of Indonesian language level A2 in the Consulate General Frankfurt Building. The course uses Indonesian book for foreign speakers “Sahabatku Indonesia” or "My friend, Indonesia" from Indonesia Ministry of Education and Culture in 2016. The Indonesia course program is one of the Consulate's efforts to introduce Indonesian language and culture to German society. Indonesia Consulate General in Frankfurt hoped in the future there will be more and more German people who are interested to know and deepen the language and culture of Indonesia.

We end Diplomatic Corner from Poiters, France. Indonesia-France bilateral cooperation in science, technology, higher education, research and innovation is part of the two countries' strategic partnership formed in 2011. The various forms of implementation referred to are discussed through the Joint Working Group (JWG) forum of education in order to establish a form of real operational cooperation between the two countries. The JWF Forum is now entering its tenth implementation, which runs from June 26-28, 2018 in Poitiers City, France.

The delegation of the Indonesian government is led by Director General of Institutional Science and Technology and Higher Education from Indonesia Ministry of Research Technology and Higher Education, Dr. Patdono Suwignjo. In his speech, Indonesia Ambassador to Paris, Dr. Hotmangaradja Pandjaitan appreciated the cooperation that has been established so far. The JWG is a strategic forum to continuously strengthen cooperation in the field of higher education, research, and innovation of Indonesia and France. He added, the JWG is a reflection of the commitment of both countries to the values of democracy, human rights, tolerance and justice for integrated and sustainable development, whether political, economic, defense, security, education, culture, and environment. The development is closely watched by Indonesia Ambassador as a key to the active participation of both countries and for global world order.

The Indonesian government continues to support and facilitate the JWG mission since it was first held. Besides discussion among researchers, there are also corporate and business dialogue sessions related to technology and science transfer. This is one way that educational, research and innovation cooperation can bring good economic benefits to the public.

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