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As one of the busiest tourist destinations throughout the year, Jogja provides many tourist options for you. From the mountains to the beaches, there is always a place that you can visit to add your travel experience. The impact of the tourist visits may increase local revenue. But, this also bring about negative impact on garbage, especially plastic waste. Toreduce the quantity of plastic waste that accumulates in the city, the Office of the Environment of Yogyakarta will prepare a movement of 1000 tumbler as one of a series of environmental commemoration activities to be held at Embung Langensari, Yogyakarta on late July 2018 Head of Environmental Office (DLH) of Yogyakarta City, Suyana explained that in theory, the quantity of plastic waste produced by Yogyakarta City will continue to increase. Thus, it takes a lot of effort to make plastic waste being minimized. One of them is the movement from the community. Suyana further said that the average volume of garbage produced by Yogyakarta City and disposed to the Piyungan Disposal Site during June was 257 tons per day, with 20 percent of plastic waste. Some of the plastic waste consists of bottled plastic. Thus,  Yogyakarta government enlivens the movement to reduce the plastic bottles with the use of 'tumbler' or bottle drinking brought from home and can be refilled. Suyana further also disclosed that there are still many people who are not aware with the dangers of plastic waste. They prefer buying bottled beverage because it is considered more practical than having to bring a bottle to drink from home. In addition to reducing bottled water consumption, Yogyakarta City also cleans plastic bottles in three major rivers: Code, Gajahwong, and Winongo. Officials of Ulu-Ulu River are committed to maintaining the cleanliness of the rivers. They remind the residents not to throw garbage into the river, but they also have to clean the rivers.

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