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Wednesday, 18 July 2018 13:22

Mosaic of Indonesia

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Acting Governor of Aceh, Nova Iriansyah said that the more advanced a country, the frequency of its development certainly increases. The more advanced a country, so the necessity on consultant also increases. Nova Iriansyah when opening the first regional discussion of Indonesian Consultant’s Expert Association in Banda Aceh, on Monday (16/7) added that consultant service in determining the choices of technology, management, supervisory system and the implementation of development mechanism are really needed so the development in Aceh runs effectively. The role of the consultant service is not only needed in the planning step or feasibility study, but also in preparing project, engineering, supervisory of implementation, until evaluation and monitoring steps. The quality of a consultant also has an impact on the result of work. No wonder, if in developed countries, the role of the consultant is very important in encouraging project to give the best result. Professionalism is more important, especially since the policy of ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) valid. It is because the policy of AEC has presented free market in ASEAN region, as well as encourage intense competition at the global level.

Delegations from 24 countries in Asia Pacific and Africa participated in a training on fishery and fishery conservation or aquaculture. Ambassador at Directorate General of Public information and Diplomacy of Foreign Affairs Ministry, Diar Nurbintoro, said on Tuesday (17/7) that the training is Indonesia’stechnical assistance to developing countries. The training is held at fishery educational and training hallof Bangsring, Banyuwangi, East Java starting from July 16-20, 2018. According to Diar Nurbintoro, Banyuwangi was chosen because it has good fishery sectorand adequate training facility. The training is a cooperation between Foreign Affairs Ministry and the Ministry of Maritime and Fishery with 24 countries in increasing capacity of fishery stakeholders in developing countries. Meanwhile, Banyuwangi regent, Abdullah Azwar Anas, appreciated the appoitment of Banyuwangi as the place for the training. According to the regent, the event is the implementation of good diplomacy, and also to show that performance of Indonesia’s fishery has been recognized by other countries. In addition, the event can become efforts of Banyuwangi to promote fishery and tourism sector. There were 28 participants of the training among others fromBangladesh, Kiribati, Papua New Guinea, South Africa, Algeria, Libya, Madagascar, Morocco, Mauritania, Sudan, and Tunisia.

Two students of State’s Senior High School 1 of Kediri regency recorded international achievement. They obtained silver medals in International Young Scientist Innovation Exhibition which was held on July 9-13 in Malaysia. Shona Fa’iqa Febiastuti and Aulia Fidia Syahrina, who are now in 12th level, initiated their discovery, namely The Organic Antiseptic Hand Sanitizer Wipes, which can decrease temperature of body and absorb virus and bacteria. KediriMajor, Abdullah Abu Bakar, is proud of the two students. The major said students participation in the international event can increase their competitiveness.The major hoped in the next future there will be many children who bring the good image of Kediri in the international event.

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