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Monday, 03 October 2022 10:10

Ministry increases vocational trainers' competence through KKIN 2022

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The Manpower Ministry pushed to hone the capabilities of training instructors through the 2022 National Instructor Skills Competition (KKIN) to enhance technical skills and teaching methodologies for instructors in government-run and private-owned vocational training institutions.

While opening 2022 KKIN in Padang City, West Sumatra, on Sunday (October 2) evening, Deputy Minister of Manpower Afriansyah Noor highlighted the importance of instructors' competence to improve the quality of skills training for prospective workers.

"Our capabilities must be improved over time, and we must be able to adapt with the times and change in the world of working," he remarked.

According to Noor, vocational instructors or trainers play an important role in increasing the training quality, and when they have sufficient abilities, the quality of training will be better.

Meanwhile, the ministry's Secretary General, Anwar Sanusi, explained that increasing the capacity and quality of human resources is an absolute necessity, as labor challenges have become more complex.

He expects instructors to make the most of the KKIN event to learn from each other, share experiences, and hone their teaching skills.

KKIN is being held on October 2-7 in Padang and was attended by 150 instructors from various regions across Indonesia.

Furthermore, KKIN was viewed as a final event of regional competitions that had been held in Bekasi, Solo, and Kendari, the Ministry's Director General of Vocational Training and Productivity Development, Budi Hartawan, stated.

Hartawan said some expertise that was competed in KKIN was welding, light vehicle automotive, motorcycle automotive, electricity installation, cooling and air conditioning machine, electronics, graphic design, garments or fashion, beauty, IT software solutions for business, CAD mechanical engineering design, and restaurant service.

KKIN was held to motivate instructors to improve their skills and become a reference for upcoming coaching programs for instructors. (Antaranews)

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