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Mosaic of Indonesia

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Fried noodle and various cultural similarities of Indonesia, for example dangdut music and traditional games such as spinning top, sack race, and kite were introduced in Colombia through the Indonesian Festival. This was stated by Ambassador of Indonesia to Colombia, Priyo Iswanto at the opening of the Indonesian Festival in commemoration of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia at Wisma Indonesia  House yard, Bogota, on Saturday (10th of August 2018). Instant noodle products were promoted through cooking demonstration and spicy fried noodle eating competition. Sate, typical Indonesian was served as lunch to the guests. Ambassador Priyo said besides exhibition booths displaying Indonesian excellent products, there were also other exhibition booths showcasing the arts and cultural richness of Indonesia such as the gamelan musical instrument, puppets or wayangpuppet, batik, weavings, carvings, wooden sculptures, and the angklung bamboo music. The festival attended by more than 500 guests was officially opened by Indonesian Ambassador to Colombia, Priyo Iswanto; Director General of Asia, Africa, and Oceania of the Colombian Foreign Ministry, Alfredo Ramos; and Miss Grand Colombia 2018, Genesis Quintero as the Colombian Cultural Ambassador.


The Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek again successfully conducted the Indonesian Film Week from 6th to 10th of August 2018. The Tabula Rasa Movie successfully opened the Indonesian Film Festival held by the Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek at the Franco-Namibian Cultural Center (FNCC) of Windhoek. Spectators packed the cinema hall to watch the Tabula Rasa movie highlighting the Indonesian culinary from Minang Region from West Sumatra. After watching the movie, a lot of spectators expressed their fascination towards the culinary richness of Indonesia. Besides Tabula Rasa, the Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek also presented 4 other movies namely ‘Cinta Dari Wamena’or Love from Wamena, ‘Ada Apa dengan Cinta?  part 2’ or What ahppens with Love, ‘The Raid’, and ‘Sokola Rimba’or Forest School. Paula Gupta Wijaya as Acting of Economy, Information, Social, and Cultural Affairs at the Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek explained that the organizing of the Indonesian Film Week in Windhoek marked the accomplishment of the similar event in 2013 and 2014. Paulina also told that in commemoration of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia, the Indonesian Embassy in Windhoek established collaboration with the Government of Windhoek by holding the 2018 Namibia- Indonesia Festival (NAMINDO FEST) on August the 3rd 2018 aimed at promoting tourism, culinary, handicrafts, and business opportunity of both countries. The 2018 NAMINDO FEST was also a platform to promote the 2018 Asian Games 2018 to be held in Jakarta and Palembang.


Indonesian citizens in Rome, Italy and its surroundings enthusiastically participated in ranges of activities and competitions at an event called “ Hari Ceria Merdeka 2018” or the 2018 Cheerful Independence Day. On Sunday, August the 12th 2018, various individual and group competitions were carried out in happiness and the spirit of togetherness. The event held at the Indonesian Embassy in Rome in commemoration of the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia was commenced by a walking march agenda. At 7.30 a.m. local time, citizens who attended the competition were divided into several groups to join the morning walk at the pride park of Rome, namely Villa Borghese. Not only joining the morning walk, as the signature of preserving the surrounding environment, citizens and diasporas of Indonesia also actively picked up trashes along the walking march route they passed.  Through the press release of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome, on Tuesday (14th of August 2018), Indonesian Ambassador to Italy in Rome, Esti Andayani told that the activities were the symbol of Indonesian society’s care towards the cleanness of their residence and the brotherhood with the society of Rome. Ambassador Esti Andayani on her remark called for Indonesian Citizens under the accreditation area of the Indonesian Embassy in Rome to express their enthusiasm of commemorating the 73rd Independence Day of Indonesia by showing their solidarity for citizens in Lombok who recently have been struck by the earthquake disaster.







Ministry of Industry and Trade of Belu, East Nusa Tenggara Province, held Indonesian Archipelago Cultural Carnival and development parade. The carnival in Atambua city, on Tuesday (14/8) afternoon was held to commemorate Indonesian 73rd Birthday. Children from kindergarten, Elementary School, until Senior High School, also youth group took parts in wearing clothes from various ethnics, clothes for nurses, police and Indonesian Military (TNI), and young teachers. It certainly enlivened atmosphere that was so lively during the carnival parade around Atambua. It was also taken part in by ornamental vehicles from all the agencies of Regional Government of Belu. The head of the organizing committee, Florianus Nahak, said that the activities is a concept to embody a sense of nationalism for the border community, by prioritizing cross-culture by involving all ethnicities in Belu. Cross-cultural context was Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, nationalism, and Love of the Motherland, those were the priority. In addition, the development of the regions were highlighted through the parade.



Friendship and Unity of Bogor people might be kept despite having different political views. It was the main value in cultural show welcoming Indonesian 73rd Birthday and Bogor 536th Birthday along Jenderal Sudirman road on Sunday (12/8). About 1.000 people participated on the event which presented various Indonesia arts and cultures, such as Sisingaan, Jaipong, and Pencak Silat. In addition, there were also ornamental cars attractions from supporters elements of the Central and Regional Governments and Community Groups and Private Companies. The Mayor of Bogor, Bima Arya, in Bogor, West Java, Sunday (12/8) revealed that this event was the pride of Bogor City residents . He believed that if all parties had mutual love, coaching, and care, Bogor City would be peaceful approaching the Presidential election 2019. According to Bima Arya, the society had to share positive activities to all people to strengthen the sense of brotherhood among the citizens, so that unity can be realized.


Various activities were held in  Bali 60th anniversary, Tuesday, August the 14th 2018. One of them was fragment dance performance involving dozens of young artists from Dewata Island. Samuan Tiga dance fragments shown in Niti Mandala field in Denpasar got positive response from the society. The Governor of Bali, Made Mangku Pastika, to reporters in Denpasar on Tuesday (8/14) explained that the dance fragment contained an important history about the life journey of the people on Seribu Pura Island. One of the crucial factors was the milestone in the formation of the Pakraman Village Main Assembly on March the 17th 2004. Made Mangku Pastika said that samuan tiga dance fragments implied concrete efforts to prevent society from being divided. In the present era, the task was carried out by the Pakraman Village Main Assembly of Bali. The Governor of Bali said that samuan tiga dance fragments reflected the government's efforts assisted by all components to succeed it. The society, acknowledged by Made Mangku Pastika, has contributed greatly to the succession of the Bali Mandara program that was implemented in the last 10 years.




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